#1 Seeds Losing: Flames/Lightning Could Set Record

The unpredictability of the NHL playoffs is what makes it so great. How many people predicted the Columbus Blue Jackets would defeat the Tampa Bay Lighting? Very few, and I suspect none had them winning in four games over the 62-win Lightning. The Blue Jackets trailed 3-0 after the first period of game one, but…


Happy 4th Connorversary everybody

Can you believe it’s been four years since the Oilers summoned the dark Gord to give them the luck needed to win the Connor McDavid lottery? It was on this day, back in 2015, that Bill Daly flipped over the golden ticket, showing the Oilers logo as the future home of Connor McDavid.


Oilers can clear money if they get creative

Baggedmilk dug into whether the Oilers can clear salary or not on Monday. He outlined movable and anchor contracts. It will be difficult. The Oilers can move salary, but only if they get creative. The organization needs to systematically change how they think and operate if they want to get out of salary-cap jail.