Inside the Nation – A team without McDavid, Koskinen problems, and Bouchard playing in Bakersfield

Happy Connorversary everybody! Dustin Nielson is back in the mix with a special edition of Inside the Nation today.

He kicks off the show by looking back at the 2015 NHL Entry Draft and speculates what would have happened if we NEVER won the lottery during that special, special day. If we would have stayed at number three, would we have picked Marner? Strome? Tough to say. Dustin Nielson talks about what the organization would look like today if things would have played out that way and we didn’t win the McDavid lottery. As you probably know, Ralph Krueger is back on the market so Nielson discusses the odds that Krueger comes back to Edmonton to work as the President of Hockey Operations. Dusty thinks there’s not a chance in the world it will happen.

A VERY interesting topic Dusty brought up was regarding players you’d want to build your team around, excluding Connor McDavid. Would Draisaitl fall on your list? Personally, I think Leon would fall in the top 10 easily. There are a lot of young players I’d want to build a franchise around including Barzal, Marner, Matthews, Pettersson, and Gaudreau, who are all in the conversation. Draisaitl is definitely among that group. What do you guys think? Where would he fall on your list?

More topics Dustin covered include Bouchard potentially coming up to the American Hockey League for the Condors playoff run, Mikko Koskinen’s poor numbers from the season, AND our very own, Cam Lewis caught red-handed cheering for the Leafs in Toronto.

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Watch the full video below!

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  • Schmidt Head

    We’re so fortunate to have won that lottery and gotten McDavid.

    I mean if not for that, we’d be languishing in the bottom ranks of the league, regularly missing the playoffs and generally being the laughingstock of the league.

    But today, we’re filled with optimism….. At least, I think we are. I mean, those season tickets and sky boxes are selling out…..quickly… aren’t they?

    Well OK but we have world class management who’s well on their way to building us a dynasty around Connor. I mean, look at those trades… those signings…. those…… Well… some of ’em were good;…. weren’t they?

    Alright, alright but c’mon; the playoffs! All those powerhouse teams we knocked off! There was San Jose and….and… well, don’t forget about… umm… I mean, we must have….

    Oh, never mind!!