Oilersnation Radio Episode 33 – Happy Connorversary, Cooom is a traitor, and the NHL playoffs

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the 33rd episode of the award winning Oilersnation Radio. As I’m sure you know, it’s the only podcast that you’ll ever need to plug into your earholes, especially if you love the Edmonton Oilers.

To kick off this week’s podcast, we started with a look back at the four year anniversary of the Connor McDavid lottery. Do you remember where you were when the golden ticket came up with the Oilers logo on it? With that in mind, we spent a few minutes looking back on the McLottery and the four years that have passed. We all know about the horrible decisions that have happened since the McLottery, but is there still room for optimism about what comes next? From there, we dove into some playoff talk and broke down which series we like and which ones we couldn’t care less about. Sticking with the playoffs, we looked at Cam’s treachery after he was spotted at the Leafs game wearing both a Leafs jersey and a TLN hat. Is this as bad as the time the Squire was caught on TV at the Flames game? Lastly, we got into Jordan Eberle’s incredible playoff heater that he’s on right now and how that will affect his upcoming contract negotiations that will kick off this summer.

Check it out:

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Shout out to Lusitania Lights for this week’s Intro/Outro song “Classics.” You can check out some of their stuff on their Bandcamp page or on Facebook. Lusitania Lights will be playing at the South Edmonton Common Rec Room on May 10th — get your tickets here

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