The trade is one for one – Cap Space on the block

Gather round Oilers fans and Nation fans alike. It’s time to take back the term one for one from the negative. 

For too long Peter Chiarelli made a mockery of the trade process trading our “paper clips” and “stuffed animals” for lesser assets. 

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We here at the Nation will show you what a real string of one for one trades can do for you. Like the game “one red paper clip” in which a Canadian man turned a red paper clip into a house through a series of 14 trades. 

In this, the inaugural edition of the video series we will carry out over the course of the summer of 2019, we see what our long-time monkey companion of the office, Cap Space, can net us in a trade. 

We put out the announcement that Cap Space was on the block and you answered with a resounding spirit and vigor that we believe will lead us to great heights. 

Watch the video below to see the five offers we took to the war room table and what we eventually settled on as our first official trade of one for one:

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Let us know in the comments below on a scale of Chia to Slats how bad/good was the first trade in this wild journey?

  • Randaman

    Do we really have to keep going over this crap day after day, week after week, month after month & year after year? He’s gone/fired/never to be a GM again. Bury the past (learn from it) and move on. Positive versus negative. Has the media EVER tried that approach? Of course not because it doesn’t sell.

  • Mahaloeh

    To Edmonton – Darren Helm (2yrs/$3/85m) To Detroit – Kris Russell (2yrs/$4m) or To Edmonton Tomas Tatar (2yrs/$4.8m) To Montreal – Sekera (2yrs/$5.5m). Both Detroit & Montreal are going to need some veteran dmen. I would also look at players like Brown in Toronto & Cogliano in Dallas, they’ll probably need some help on D as well.