Connor McDavid is NHL’s first star for March 2019

We now go live to Nation Dan at the Oilersnation news desk for some breaking news. Dan, what do you have for us? Thanks, Dan, it seems that once again, Connor McDavid is the best player in the league and the NHL has recognized him as such. His appointment as star number one in the…


GDB 80.0: Playing out the string (7pm MT, SNW)

After last night’s tough loss in Vegas, the Oilers won’t have much time to rest as they’re right back at it again tonight against the Colorado Avalanche, the team that officially eliminated Edmonton from playoff contention.


McDavid’s post-game interview was tough to watch

After last night’s loss to Vegas, Connor McDavid was doing his captainly duties and answering the media’s question about what went wrong when it was brought to his attention that the Oilers had officially been eliminated from the playoffs. As the title of this article expresses, his reaction to the news was tough to watch.


Game Notes Oilers @ Avalanche: Out of Playoffs Annoys McDavid

It is official. The Edmonton Oilers will miss the playoffs for the 12th time in 13 years. Terrible, pathetic, vomit-inducing — there are a variety of adjectives and terms you could use, but they all lead to frustration. The Oilers current run of ineptitude isn’t the worst in the NHL, but they are one year…


Game Notes Oilers @ Golden Knights: Depth Scoring Needed

The good news Oilersnation is the Oilers made it to April without being officially eliminated from the playoffs. The bad news is they’ve been unofficially out of it for a few weeks. If the Colorado Avalanche pick up a point tonight, or in any of their four games this week, the Oilers will be eliminated….


Monday Mailbag – Make the call on Alex Chiasson

My friends, it’s that wonderful time of the week again where we answer all of the biggest questions you’ve always wanted to know about the NHL and about life in general. Feel free to think of us as a much cheaper alternative to a college education if you can. This week, we look at Alex…