Oilersnation Radio Episode 35 – McCrimmon out, remaining positive, and a potential Lucic trade

Hello friends, we’re back with another episode of Oilersnation Radio! It’s our 35th episode, can you believe it?

We were without both Baggedmilk AND Cooom this week so The Squire filled in and yelled at us for the sixty minutes. The GM Watch of 2019 is heating up so YOU KNOW we talked about that. McCrimmon is officially out of the running, so we’ve got a bunch of opinions on the other guys like Holland, Hunter, and Burke. Don’t forget about Keith Gretzky though! He’s still in the running and has a very good chance of being hired as GM in my opinion.

We try to be as positive as possible this episode, even though sometimes it’s REALLY hard to do with this team. Another hot topic in the Oilers world includes the comments Milan Lucic made about the potential of playing in Vancouver for the Canucks. If Lucic does eventually want to play for Van City, then is there a trade to be made with them? Maybe Eriksson? Maybe a cap dump trade? We discuss all posibilities

Listen to the episode here:

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This weeks intro/outro song is “Just So You Know” from Laur Elle. You can listen to the song HERE or visit her Instagram.

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