WWYDW(FE): Season Tickets

This is an important time for the Edmonton Oilers. The fanbase’s angst is at an all-time high with the team failing to make the playoffs in back-to-back seasons despite great play from Connor McDavid. As a result, many fans have shown skepticism to renew their season tickets.

The Oilers operate their premium season tickets on three-year contracts. The first-ever round of these contracts began back in 2016-17, which was the inaugural season at Rogers Place. Season ticket holders got bang for their buck in the first year, but, in the next two years, obviously didn’t.

I’ve heard stories about companies with seats in the loge level who couldn’t even find employees who were interested in going to games for free towards the end of the year. Now the Oilers are trying to get people to renew these seats for the next three seasons.

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That brings us to this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday question. If you’re a skeptical season ticket holder, what would get you to renew your tickets? If you aren’t one, what would the team have to do in order for you to consider shelling out thousands of dollars on season seats?

The big thing, of course, will be the hiring of a new general manager to steer the ship. I think, ultimately, that’s what people care about here. At the end of the day, Oilers fans don’t care about random perks, they want to be in the building watching a winning team and they want first access to playoff tickets. In other smaller, non-traditional markets, you’ll see things like a luncheon with players, free jerseys, the ability to skate on the ice surface at designated times, vacation packages, and concert tickets.

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This year, the Oilers are rolling out a few new features to their season tickets:

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New things season ticket holders will see starting next season are discounts on food and apparel, arena tours, monthly open practices, and access to extra tickets at discounted prices. None of these things, to be honest, are very major upgrades and most are already standard things for most other organizations.

The big thing here is the fact there wasn’t a rise in ticket prices. (I’m seeing conflicting reports on Twitter that there was a slight raise, likely for inflation, but it was much smaller than the standard raise we’ve seen each year.) Obviously, it’s incredibly hard to justify spending even more on tickets when there was so little value in investing in them over the oast couple of years.

Personally, if I’m the Oilers, I would offer people a discount on renewing season tickets. So many people lost so much value with the team being out of contention the last two seasons and this would be a positive gesture to compensate for that. I see from a business standpoint why that wouldn’t be very feasible, but I think, beyond the team doing a complete 180, it’s the best thing the organization can offer to show fan loyalty at this point.

What say you, Nation? What would it take from the Oilers to get you to invest in season seats? 

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Last year, the fifth edition of Hockey Helps the Homeless in Edmonton had a record year by raising $200,000 to assist the Mustard Seed and Jasper Place Wellness Centre in helping the homeless and those living in poverty.

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With the event fast approaching May 10 at the Terwillegar Rec Centre, we’re hoping citizens of Oilersnation step up to help, as they always do, to make HHTH the biggest success yet. Last year’s response was fantastic, thanks in large part to the 10th anniversary Oilersnation party that raised $5,000 for HHTH, with every penny staying right here in Edmonton.

In these final days leading up to the tournament, we’re hoping to sell as many $1,000 pennant sponsorships, and $100 Mega-Raffle tickets as we can. If you own a small business or want a keepsake for the games room at home, pennant sponsorships are perfect – you get a pennant with your company logo signed by our pros. With the Mega-Raffle, just 100 tickets are printed. The winner gets a Theatre Suite for 10 guests, food and a bar tab at an Oilers game next season hosted by Ron and Linda Low. Good times.

You can check out the website, purchase pennant sponsorships and Mega-Raffle tickets or donate here.

    • Shredder

      Actually Tier 1 fans get the worst deal – they pay the most and support the team the most and get pretty much the same result without the ability to turn off the TV. That used to be me…Tier 2 fans just have to buy cable…I’m a tier 3 fan now – no more tickets and no TV package. I get more out of life, more money in my pocket and I can still keep tabs on how the team is doing with a free app. Thanks K Lowe, you have shown me the way.

  • Kool-Aid Man

    As per Mark Spector:

    The Edmonton Oilers are all-in on Ken Holland. But is the Detroit Red Wings icon ready to commit to Edmonton?

    The Oilers hunt for a general manager, being conducted by CEO Bob Nicholson, is ready to wrap up. The Oilers and Holland have conducted extensive negotiations, with sources telling Sportsnet that the important issue of complete autonomy to hire and fire at will has been granted by Edmonton.

    Link: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/edmonton-oilers-next-gm-will-ken-holland-wants-job/

    • Spydyr

      Just like the Oiler to hire someone whose best years are behind them. They have done it over and over again in the Katz era be it with players or off ice personal.

      The team has no grasp of the future, they live in the past.

    • Serious Gord

      Classic case of what looks good on paper isn’t what is the reality.

      Does “full autonomy” include telling Katz to stop listening to WG when he comes over to have a few glasses at the house in Malibu? ( lm told that happens far more often than you might think.)

      Is there a Nudge nudge wink wink with this kind of thing when it comes to an establishment toe-the-line type link Holland is reputed to be (as it was expected by me and others and materialized with Bob Nicholson) ?

      Put me down as skeptical that “full autonomy” really means full autonomy and that Holland would exercise it if he had it.

    • Odanada

      -Personally, I don’t think Holland is the right hire, but then again, the chances of Pickles making the right hire were never very good. Bungler Bob has been an inept clown show since day one and letting him hire the new GM is as ridiculous as listening to Wayne when it comes to player management.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    Honestly? I don’t really have a dog in this fight. If you’re in the group that can afford season tickets, then obviously it’s your call. I mean … it looks like a good deal to me, I guess? Fifteen percent off at the concession stands and at Oilers store is nothing to sneeze at and a bunch of the other things sound intriguing to me – in particular, the experience draws and the exclusive events for season ticketholders. But if you’re a season ticketholder and you’re saying this isn’t enough, then good for you. It’s your money.

    The thing is … I was never offended by the Tier One/Two Fan deal when it was said. And I’m still not, all these years later (some of you need to let go, though) later. Why? Well, because it’s true, mostly. There are fans who invest far more of themselves financially than I do, or others do. Maybe it’s because I grew up in northwestern Alberta and the Oilers were five hours-and-a-hotel-stay away. Going to any Oilers game, as a one-off, was a major expenditure. So, yeah, if you’re spending three-grand or whatever on season tickets, you should definitely be feted upon by the Oilers and treated differently than someone who only attends one or two games, or none at all.

    I haven’t been to a game since McDavid’s rookie year. I haven’t had the time and I can’t really afford it right now, so I watch games on TV. But I’m not kidding myself – in the Oilers’ eyes, I’m in a different group of fans than the ones who buy season tickets. They pay the freight.

    But if I had the extra time and an extra $3,000 that my wife said I could spend on whatever I’d want? Yeah, I’d probably buy a season seat. And I’m not sure I’d need that list of new incentives to lure me in. It’s the best league in the world, playing the best sport in the world. And right now, we happen to have the best player in the world. If it was me, I’d go and enjoy the experience and hope they start winning (but I’d avoid the beer – no arena brew on-tap, on this planet is worth more than eight bucks).

    • Kool-Aid Man

      @ spaceman spiff

      I get the impression you are pretty content with the current situation regarding Oiler management and the correlation with 12yrs. of suck.

      • Spaceman Spiff

        Um. No. Why would you jump to that conclusion? I’m just saying if you’re a season ticketholder, you’re a bigger fan than I am. You’re putting your money where your mouth is. I’m an Oilers fan, too, but I’m putting my money where my cable bill is (I think I have a couple of hats and a couple of jerseys). There’s no way I’m on the same level … or tier.

        And I’m OK with that.

        But if I was a Tier 1 fan/season ticketholder and I could afford $3,000 or whatever to buy season tickets, I’m not sure I’d be at a point where my renewal or cancellation hinged upon a discount at the concession stand or souvenir store.

        None of that has anything to do with management of the team or 12 years of suck. The majority of the season ticket-holding public in North America, in four leagues, is buying tickets to a team that won’t win a championship … and many of those are buying teams to a team that might not make the playoffs. That’s the hobby they’ve chosen.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Wow that is a weak, WEAK sales pitch. Pathetic even. But are we really surprised? This organization cares about only one entity…THEMSELVES. They stink year in and year out, knowing full well we support them. And how do they reward us? By doing things that satisfy THEIR ego. Remember when the made the playoffs 2 seasons ago? They make it after 10 years of being out of it. And how do they reward their fan base who has been supportive and patient? By asking you to pay for tickets TO STAND IN THE CONCESSION AREA!

    If I was a STH, I’d tell them to frig right off. You want me to renew, DO BETTER!

  • Goaltender Interference

    The only thing that would have changed my mind when I finally landed on cancelling my seats a year ago would have been if the Oilers has taken two actions. A public sacking of Lowe, MacT and the rest of the OBC. And secondly a significant (ie 25% or more) reduction in season seat prices.

    Based on what I’ve read in this article nothing has changed. The ‘concessions’ the Oilers are offering are ridiculous and insulting to fans.

    It’s a shame that such a historic team has fallen under the thumb of such an inept and out-of-touch organization.

  • CMG30

    The only time the Oilers actually have to worry is when comment sections like this one fall silent. That’s the point that fans have truly moved on. I do my fair share of ranting but I still care what happens to the club.