The Fan Within

Prior to Monday night, I can’t recall the last time I was truly nervous or stressed watching a sporting event. I’ve covered championship games, and had the pleasure of calling a few, but when you’re calling the game you are working and focused on the task. Being in the stands, engrossed in the game is…


The Carousel: Dave Tippett

If you subscribe to the theory that where there’s smoke there’s fire, it would be absolutely no surprise if new Edmonton Oilers’ POHO and GM Ken Holland names Dave Tippett as his new head coach any day now. In this case, I do, but that’s the old gut and common sense talking, not any kind…


Changes on the blueline?

For years the Oilers struggled to stock their cupboards with good, defensive prospects. They used high picks on forwards and all of their picks afterward usually flamed out within a couple of seasons. Now, it seems like things are finally changing for the better thanks to some strong drafting by Peter Chiarelli and his staff.