Selling high on Darnell Nurse

I wrote last weekend about the Oilers’ logjam on the blueline and how the organization is in an interesting situation with six NHL-quality defenders and a wealth of prospects pushing their way up onto the roster. Something I suggested was the possibility of selling from this position of strength in order to fill an area…


Wishful Thinking

At some point, Ken Holland will hire a head coach and then we can really turn our attention to the fun part of the off-season; trade speculation.


The Worst of Ken Holland in Detroit

Last week, I looked at Ken Holland’s best moves in Detroit. Holland had a Hall of Fame run in Detroit. He won three Stanley Cups over 22 years as Detroit’s general manager. Holland had a ton of success, but that wasn’t without mistakes along the way. Trying to prolong a legendary playoff streak comes with…


The Nation Roundup

Will this be the end of the OBC; the upside to Holland leaving the Wings; where can the Leafs dump their problematic contracts; could Van buy out Eriksson; will Winnipeg trade Trouba; updated NHL Draft rankings; in depth Draft profiles and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by Sumo Jerky.