Inside the Nation: Spring office cleaning and crazy trade talks

The long weekend has come and gone and the hardest working man on ON has shifted his schedule around for you so you can see him on Tuesday instead of the holiday Monday.

Here is a little menu of what he talked about to tease you into wanting to click play on that video below:

  • Patrick Roy?
  • Fantasy football tips????
  • Duane Sutter is out
  • Scott Howson?
  • Oilers communications improving?
  • It’s a beautiful Logan Day
  • Trade speculation
  • Lucic?
  • Nurse?
  • Ottawa?
  • Toronto/Edmonton deals?
  • Coaching updates
  • Shark/Blue Game six talk

Has this all whet your appetite? Want to comment on a video and look like a boss in the comments with hindsight? Check it all out here:

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  • OnDaWagon

    I am not a fan of Tippett. I think the team should have a younger coach.
    Nurse and Lucic for Nylander? Not for me.
    Lucic for Bobby Ryan? Again, I wouldn’t.

  • Ken Holland

    Nylander career high 5×5 points is 30. He has benefited from playing with Mathews and Marner on the pp. When hes taken off hes a soft lazy one dimensional player with little to no offence.

    In no shape way or form would i want that contract on the roster.

      • Ken Holland

        He was paid 1 million PER goal this season.

        We really need a guy with a career high 30 5×5 points making 6 million on our team? Hes been in the league for 4 years.

        The Toronto media inflated his status, they over hyped his abilities and now you have another Leaf who isnt worth what he is being paid.

        Yes he can score powerplay points with Mathews, Marner and Reilly. I don’t think he will be able put up the same number points in the western conference. That is scary.

        I actually bet my buddy Lucic would score more goals than Nylander this year. I lost the best by one goal.

        You really want to trade a defenseman we drafted and developed for years, whos about to hit his prime for a guy who cant score 5×5?

        Hes played with Mathews his entire career, his numbers are extremely inflated. Buyer be warned.