Oilersnation Radio Episode 38 – PuckPedia, Joakim Nygard, and Skimming the Scum

Welcome, friends, to a brand spankin’ new episode of Oilersnation Radio, the award winning podcast that covers all things Edmonton Oilers and anything else that’s going on in the world of hockey. This week, we speak to Hart from PuckPedia.com, broke down the Joakim Nygard signing, looked at Dave Tippett, and said goodbye to our beloved Chris the Intern.

To start off this week’s podcast, we were lucky to welcome Hart from PuckPedia.com to discuss the new partnership that was formed between his killer cap resource site and The Nation Network. We dove into his reasons for starting the site, why the site is different from any of the other cap resources available, and why he felt like hooking up with the Nation is the right play going forward. From there, we got into the Oilers’ signing Joakim Nygard to an entry-level contract and tried to predict what he’ll do with the team in 2019-20. In other Oilers news, we broke down the report that Dave Tippett is on the verge of being announced as the 16th coach in franchise history and whether or not there is a chance that the deal will fall through. Lastly, we say goodbye to Chris the Intern as today was his last day working at Nation HQ. It’s been a hell of a run and we wanted to make sure to give him the send off he deserves.

Check out this week’s podcast below:

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