Inside the Nation: The Freddy Tiffels Edition

It’s Monday and that means that Dusty is live to talk the news of the day and week and life in the Oilers fandom. The video is below if you missed out.

Here’s a little teaser menu of what Dusty talked about:

  • Tippett incoming
  • Chris the Intern no more
  • Who else could be the coach?
  • The want/wish list teasing of his own article coming tomorrow?
  • Do hockey players like to party?
  • Freddy Tiffels content you have been dying for
  • A CanucksArmy shoutout? 
  • Is Kappo Kakko ranked 1st now?
  • Who will the Oilers draft

Has this all whet your appetite? Want to comment on a video and look like a boss in the comments with hindsight? Check it all out here:

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