Real Life Podcast Episode 123: Yaremchuk knows stuff

Welcome, friends, to a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast. It’s the podcast where the boys set an agenda every week and are lucky to check off even half of it. This week, the boys looked at Dave Tippett coming to town as the new bench boss, the Stanley Cup Finals, the Memorial Cup, and the Wu-Tang Clan.

To start off this week’s show, Wanye tried to get things on track with a look at Dave Tippett, who will be announced as the Oilers’ new head coach tomorrow. Instead, Chalmers jumped in to confront Jay about ratting him out on last week’s podcast for the sneaky Red Bulls he was drinking behind his wife’s back. Was Jay out of line for revealing the Red Bull secret and encouraging listeners to contact Mrs. Chalmers? After a brief look at the WHL and Wanye’s story about congratulating Jason Gregor on his nephew’s Memorial Cup appearance after he had already been eliminated, the guys got back onto the Oilers and tried to decide whether or not the Dave Tippett hiring is a smart one. While most of the boys are back to drinking the Kool-Aid, producer Tyler Yaremchuk had to rain on the parade by questioning whether this Holland/Tippett duo is anything like the Chiarelli/McLellan situation we had before. Next up, Chalmers walked the boys through the Wu-Tang Clan documentary he’s been watching and that got everyone thinking about why the NHL doesn’t do origin stories for their players. Why do other pro leagues seem far more interested in showcasing personality while hockey does not? 

Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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