WWYDW(SE): The Sweetener

I wrote yesterday that the Vancouver Canucks were reportedly interested in acquiring Milan Lucic in a change of scenery style swap for Loui Eriksson. Given the fact Lucic has an extra year on his contract than Eriksson does, it was suggested that the Canucks would be looking for the Oilers to give them a sweetener in order to get it done.

Both Lucic and Eriksson signed long-term deals as free agents during the 2016 off-season. Lucic had a great first season with the Oilers, scoring 23 goals and helping the team make the playoffs. Since then, though, he’s fallen off a cliff. Lucic has just 16 goals over the past two seasons and hasn’t been the same intimidating presence he used to be. Eriksson, on the other hand, hasn’t been even sort of good since signing with the Canucks. Once a consistent bet to score around 25 goals, Eriksson hasn’t scored more than 11 goals in any of his three seasons with Vancouver.

The swap makes quite a bit of sense. It’s widely known that the Oilers and Lucic are interested in a divorce and the Canucks could use a tough guy in their lineup. Lucic also recently spoke publicly about an interest in playing for the Canucks, which would be odd if there was nothing brewing here. On the Eriksson side, the Swede probably fits better on the Oilers as he brings more potential offensive upside and he can kill penalties. He’s also familiar with new head coach Dave Tippett, who developed him back in Dallas.

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The key difference is that Eriksson has one less year on his deal than Lucic and he doesn’t have a no-movement clause. This means that when the Seattle expansion draft rolls around in June 2021, the Oilers wouldn’t have to worry about being forced to use a protection spot on Eriksson as they would Lucic. Eriksson’s deal is also a little easier to buy out. If the Oilers wait until the June 2020 buyout window, they can buy out Eriksson with a $5,666,667 cap hit in the first season, a $3,666,667 cap hit in the second season, and two seasons of a $666,667 cap hit.

That brings us to this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday SUNDAY EDITION question. Would you pull the trigger on a Lucic for Eriksson swap? Is this advantageous to the Oilers? What sweetener would you be willing to throw in to get the deal done?

My guess in the post last night was that the Canucks would be looking for something like a second-round pick or a solid prospect like Tyler Benson. That’s just my hunch. Personally, I wouldn’t pull the trigger on a deal with a cost that steep.

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That’s my assumption because the Canucks would surely want something worthwhile to do this deal. Taking on an extra year of a player who gets paid $6 million to score six goals is a big ask. I get the angle of the Canucks badly needing a deterring presence in their lineup as the trade of Erik Gudbranson and retirement of Derek Dorsett has left Antoine Roussel as the only enforcer on the roster, but still, $6 million to add that presence is heavy.

Another thing I’ve seen suggested is the Oilers and Canucks swapping first-round picks in this year’s draft along with Lucic and Eriksson. That would mean the Oilers trade down from No. 8 to No. 10 in order to save that extra year. Again, given how deep this draft is and how much of a crapshoot it is after the first two picks, I have a hard time seeing that as worthwhile for Vancouver.

What say you, Nation? Am I wrong in thinking the asking price from Vancouver would be that steep? What would you be willing to give up to make this swap happen? Do you even want to make the swap? 


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  • elliotsmom

    Crazy rumors and wild speculation everywhere around the league already. As far as a Lucic and Ericsson trade, there is no upside or downside. Both are players that have been in the league 2 years too long already and both still have a few years left. Wherever the end up, they will do no favours to the team they are on. As far as the Oilers are concerned, if the rumours of adding Brian Elliot, or Mike Smith as a back up to an already 30 year old goalie are true, we will not be looking like a team that is going to contend. Old, slow and long past their prime. Then there’s that rumor of the 30 year old Finnish defender the Oilers have an eye on. Lots of crap going around that has us nervous, because of the stupid decisions Chia made that never made any sense. We have no idea what Holland will do, and we are not use to having nice things. Hopefully none of what we have been hearing comes to fruition. Holland might be able to call in a favour and hit one out of the park.

  • Obelisk

    Lucic switches to a modified no trade clause June 1, 2021. The expansion draft rules are clear…

    “* All players with no movement clauses at the time of the draft, and who decline to waive those clauses, must be protected and will be counted toward their team’s applicable protection limits.”

    The expansion draft will occur at the NHL draft if it is like last time which is after June 1, 2021. Lucic will be on a MNTC and not a NMC so I do not see why he would need to be protected.

    • Killer Marmot

      Cap Friendly has the designation “Modified NTC, NMC” for Lucic for 2021-2022. Then below that they seem to say he has a modified NTC for that season. Confusing.

      • J-rok

        First off I would not trade Lucic for Ericsson. We still need a tough guy teams are afraid of, Lucic is good for playoffs he’s just in a little slump and why would we ever trade Benson and Lucic especially for another soft player. Benson is our other untouchable asset besides McDavid so we should stop talking about Vancouver, I believe Lucic will rebound for the Oilers.