Real Life Podcast Episode 125: Talking life and hockey with Ladislav Smid – Part 2

Welcome, citizens, to another special edition of the Real Life Podcast. Last week, the boys were pumped to welcome former Oiler, Ladislav Smid, to the show to talk a little bit about hockey and a whole lot about life. This week, we get to part 2 of the interview where we discussed Smid’s climb to the NHL, playing on both sides of the Battle of Alberta, the injury that caused him to miss a full season, and a whole lot more.

As you saw heard last week, Ladislav Smid was very forthcoming with stories about his life and rise to the NHL and the second part of the interview is more of the same. From distractions to training to coming over to Canada to play in a young stars tournament, Smid walked us through the incredible journey that led him to become a fan favourite in Edmonton. To hear him talk about when he knew that he had a real chance of cracking the NHL was a story that you’ll definitely want to hear. We also spoke about what it was like to play on both sides of the Battle of Alberta and how it took some time for his Flames teammates to warm up to him upon his arrival. Needless to say, part 2 of our Smid interview is just as jam-packed with amazing stories as the first and you’ll definitely want to give it a listen.

Check out this week’s episode below:

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