Best of Oilersnation Radio – George Laraque, Rob Schremp, and a Bobby Nicks battle

We’re upgrading the power at Nation HQ this week so there was no juice to record this week’s podcast. Instead, we welcome you to a ‘best of’ edition of Oilersnation Radio, featuring our interviews with Georges Laraque and Rob Schremp and another look at the fight that broke out over Bob Nicholson.

I have to say, doing ON Radio every week is always a great time because we never know what’s going to happen on an episode-to-episode basis. Sometimes we get a chance to talk to former Oilers like Georges Laraque and Rob Schremp and end up having an amazing conversation about everything from the team to life in general. Both guys were incredibly honest and forthright in their conversations with us and it’s always incredible to hear about their journies. From life on the road to battles with depression, we covered all kinds of ground with both Georges and Rob and we’re still incredibly grateful that they were willing to share their time with us. Not to be outdone, we also wanted to have another look at the time that Jay and Rick yelled at each other following Bob Nicholson’s comments that Tobias Rieder was a major cause of the Oilers missing the playoffs this past season. I absolutely love when a fight like this breaks out and I really do enjoy just sitting back and watching the madness unfold.

Check it out below:

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  • Oilerz4life

    It’s great to see that Schremp is being outspoken. Nothing negative to say about that. That being said, it seems he still wants to pass the buck that it was nobody’s fault but his own that he didn’t grab the bull by the horns. Feeling like you deserved something doesn’t mean anybody owed you anything. If he failed to take the next step, so be it, it happens, stop blaming everything else. I remember waiting all that time for Shremp to become an NHL regular and it never really happened, but that is just the way it goes. Everybody else seems to have moved on.