Reports: Teams showing interest in former Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli

After dismantling the Oilers in a slow, painful process for all, noted hockey man and former Edmonton Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli may not be our of a job much longer.

Multiple reports came out Thursday night suggesting Chiarelli is in discussions with multiple front offices across the league.

Sportsnet’s Andrew Walker was first to report on the matter, stating the Vancouver Canucks expresses interest, while insider Pierre LeBrun later started multiple teams were showing interest.

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The Canucks don’t have any vacant front office positions, so if he were to go to Vancouver one would imagine it would be in an advisory role.

Although the Oilers got their first taste of the playoffs in over a decade, it’s clear Chiarelli really blew things in Edmonton.

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So why on earth do people want to hire him?

Oh, right.

Stanley Cup Champion. Repeat Hockey Canada executive. Noted Hockey Man.

I’m sure Peter Chiarelli is a good guy, with good intentions, but in no way do I feel that he should be running show in any front office again.

Now, it’s not known exactly who (besides Vancouver, where he wouldn’t be in a forefront role) is showing the most interest, but any team giving him significant reign should strongly, strongly reconsider.

Chiarelli showed time and time again his inability to successfully manage the NHL cap both in Boston, and then again Edmonton. He valued a style of play that has gone the way of the DoDo bird, all the while undervaluing his own assets on the trade market.

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I’ll be intrigued to see if he ever is able to learn from him his past mistakes.

The fact teams are showing interest in him only five-months after being fired mid-season surprises me, but it really shouldn’t.

The entirety of the NHL seems to be based in a mindset that sees teams hire people familiar to them regardless of their track records.

The Oilers are better off without Chiarelli, and another team in the league likely would be too.