Weekly Rumours – Busiest Time of the Year

As far as rumours go, this is the busiest week of the calendar year. Yes, the trade deadline comes with a high amount of speculation, but we know that only a handful of teams are true buyers and sellers. The NHL Draft is a completely different beast. Every single team has moves to make and a grocery list of needs. Everyone is expected to be involved in some sort of moves and that makes the speculation even better.

This week, there are four big topics I want to tackle when it comes to rumours and the Edmonton Oilers.


Yesterday, Darren Dreger confirmed what most of us had been hearing rumblings about for the past few weeks, reporting that Jesse Puljujarvi has asked to be moved out of Edmonton.

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This isn’t surprising, his struggles have been well documented. Dustin Nielson wrote about what teams could be interested in the former fourth overall pick, while I took a look at what a potential return could look like.

Ryan Rishaug added that if the Oilers could get a third line forward in return for Puljujarvi, then they would do it and if not, then they’ll hold onto him for a little bit longer.

There have also been rumblings that he might consider going to Europe if a trade isn’t reached this summer. I don’t believe that will happen. I’m led to believe that Jesse wants to be in the NHL. I’m guessing a trade partner will be found at the draft.

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Personally, I think there will be enough teams really looking to make moves this weekend in Vancouver and if all the Oilers want is a third line centre, they should be able to pry a competent young player from another team who believes in Puljujarvi’s ability. I also still think we could see Puljujarvi packaged with another asset.

Jesse’s agent also chimed in with this:

It’s clear the two sides want to move on from each other. I think this gets done before the end of the weekend.


Ryan Rishaug, Craig Button, Sam Cosentino, Corey Pronman, and Bob Stauffer have all said that Swedish defenseman Philip Broberg could be the Oilers pick at eighth overall. Our very own Jason Gregor says that he would be shocked if it happened. So there are some conflicting reports out there.

Personally, I think it’s far from a lock that Broberg goes to Edmonton if they’re picking eighth. This team needs to stock their prospect pool with some high-end forwards and this draft appears to be a great chance to do exactly that.

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Bob McKenzie has him at 15th in his yearly rankings, and those are usually pretty spot on. I really like what I’ve read about the crop of forwards available in this draft, I really believe that’s the way to go.

If Ken Holland does have his heart set on Broberg, then I wouldn’t mind seeing the Oilers slide down a few spots to grab an asset, and the prospect he covets, which brings me to my next point…


JD Burke, who works for Elite Prospects and TSN Radio in Vancouver, reported that Jim Benning could be looking to swing a move.

The Canucks currently sit at 10th overall and while JD mentions that they’d like to get their hands on the sixth overall pick, if that doesn’t work out, I wonder if they would be interested in the Oilers eighth overall pick.

Looking at the Canucks, I think these two teams could be good trade partners. The Canucks are reportedly looking at moving on from Chris Tanev and the final year of his $4.45 million deal and they would have a need for a left-handed defenseman. Just spitballing, but would Russell for Tanev appease both sides? Oilers get a right shot option and while he makes a little bit more money, his contract is up a year earlier. That cap relief would help them resign Darnell Nurse next summer.

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There’s also the Lucic for Eriksson swap. If the Oilers need to add any sort of sweetener, would moving from eight to ten get it done? That might entice Ken Holland if he does want Broberg, considering the defenseman should still be there at 10th overall.


In the hours after the Anaheim Ducks made the buyout of Corey Perry official, Ryan Rishaug sent out a tweet saying that the Oilers might have an interest.

I agree with Ryan. If the price is right, (under $2.5 million per year and no more than a two-year deal) then I think Perry would fit in wonderfully. A motivated Perry could be a good spark for the Oilers, who need proven wingers more than anything.

Perry, who struggled to stay healthy last season, hasn’t hit the 20 goal mark in three seasons, but I don’t think any team is paying him to be a 20 goal scorer. You’d want Perry to be a 15-19 goal guy who can help out your bottom six and be a net-front presence on the powerplay.

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The Oilers could use that, but I suspect lots of teams will be calling Perry and given where he is in his career, you couldn’t blame him for wanting to go to a team that’s closer to winning a Stanley Cup.


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      • CityofWhat

        “Koskinen loses the shot blocker”
        One of the reasons Russell is a shot blocker is because he can’t outlet the puck and that’s why he spends more time in his own end but Tanev is a better D and better passer so he would spend less time in his own end and not needed to block as many shots.
        I would do that trade in a heart beat.

  • Vanoil

    If you did any diligence — as simple as listening to Vancouver sports radio — you would know that the reason the Canucks are moving on from Tanev is because of his inability to play more that 50 games a year. More specifically the cost of such a defenseman given his style of play and what he brings to the table. Having to have a replacement D who can play top four minutes for a significant portion of the season, is not only an additional roster spot and cap hit, but makes you ask why you would bother. IF it was a straight swap for Lucic, that might be understandable, but the Canucks actually think they deserve a premium for taking on that nightmare, and would likely not consider a Lucic deal unless he unequivocally waived the NMC so as not to encumber them at the expansion draft — something they forced upon Edler yesterday.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      That’s what I said, Russell is better than Tanev.
      Russell is built of “steel”… a real Cowboy who blocks shots, a lot of them (almost to a fault)…
      Tanev is injury prone (I can’t remember a full season from him).
      He was great a few years ago but now is mostly un-noticed.
      Also, Vancouver will try to move Hutton,… a big “no thanks”…

        • dinger

          NMC follows as per Cap Friendly.
          The clause travels with the player even if he consents to be traded or is claimed on waivers.
          The acquiring team is required to sign an addendum to the contract ensuring the clause does in fact travel with the player( written by the players agent). If the acquiring team refuses to sign the addendum and the player waives his clause anyway, at that point the clause may be nullified.

  • FISTO Siltanen

    I wish ON would learn about consequences of term on contracts.

    Corey Perry ONE YEAR Deal! Nothing more. I pay him what I’d be willing to pay Chiasson. Not much more. We need to be setting ourselves up for cleared cap space not worrying about how to clear it out.

    I’d rather Chiasson but would settle for Perry if Chiasson is set on big payment.

  • toprightcorner

    Maximum I would do for Perry is a 1 year deal and I think he would prefer that as a show me contract where the following year a contending team could sign him if he had a good season. While I think Perry can bounce back a bit after an injury-plagued season where he scores 49 points the prior year, if he takes the Lucic path, the Oilers don’t want to be tied to him for a second year

  • El Connor mcdaddy

    I’d sign Perry but there is no way it is more than 1 year. So for that reason I feel like he wont sign here, but I wouldn’t be against signing Perry. I think he would be a good leader, and could probably add 30-40 points on the third line.

  • toprightcorner

    I think there is a 70% change that JP plays in Europe next season. His camp has basically stated that playing for the Oilers next year is basically not going to happen. The Oilers could trade JP, but the return is probably not close to what his ultimate potential is. A 3rd line winger would be the return and those will be a dime a dozen this year, so they could sign one, save on the JP salary and still retain his rights.

    If JP has a bounce back year in Europe, which he likely will, he will greatly increase his value in a trade where you could get a 2nd line winger or a high end 3rd line center. If he is just average in Europe, you get the same return as you could this year.

    With Europe as an option, the best move Holland can make it let him play in hopes of greatly increasing his return in a trade, similar to what Yserman did to Drouin, escept Europe is the rebound girl.

  • toprightcorner

    If the Oilers keep their 8th pick, the only player I would be disappointed in them choosing would be Broberg. There is too much question about his hockey IQ. Scouts that rate him high say his IQ will improve, but the scouts that have him ranked lower ALL question his hockey IQ in the NHL. As soon as you have multiple scouts questioning a players hockey IQ, there is no way you risk taking him in the 1st round. Lack of hockey IQ has killed the Oilers past draft picks with Yak and JP.

    Low hockey IQ should scare teams more than being below an average skater.

    I do agree with picking the BPA, but I don’t see how Broberg can be ranked for a higher ceiling than Krebs, Boldy, Cozens, Dach, Zegras or Caufield, 3 of which will definitely be available at #8.

    I think Dach will drop and the Oilers will have a choice between Dach, Zegras and Krebs.

  • wiseguy

    Corey Perry… another slow gritty forward falling off the cliff at the end of his career… don’t we already have at least one of those?
    JP for a third liner… maybe a fast, gritty one like Cagiulla???

  • RJ

    Unless it’s the 1OV pick, and it’s a slam dunk like McDavid, teams don’t telegraph their picks.

    A veteran GM like Holland telling everyone that he wants Broberg (who’s ranked 15 by Bob McKenzie)…I think it’s a smokescreen. Maybe there’s someone like Dach or Boldy or whoever that’s available at 8. If you trade me the 10 & a player/pick/prospect, the Oilers can add one player for next season and one who gets put in the development pool.