‘Twas the night before Free Agent Frenzy…

‘Twas the night before Free Agency Frenzy, when all through the league,

every creature was stirring including in lieu of overfatigue,

the contracts were near done by the GM’s with care,

in hopes that their fans think they’d be fair.

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We’re now near 12 hours away from the opening of Free Agent Frenzy opening up Monday morning at 10 a.m. MST.

And boy, is the rumour mill churning.

I thought I’d take a look at some of the rumours as Ken Holland embarks on his first July 1st with the Edmonton Oilers.

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If you haven’t heard the news yet, our Cam Lewis broke down the Oilers preparing to sign Mike Smith, while Christian Pagnani wrote about the team buying out Andrej Sekera.

Out on Connolly

TSN’s Ryan Rishaug reported earlier Sunday the Oilers were out on RW Brett Connolly with 630 CHED’s Bob Stauffer saying he was likely heading to Florida on a four-year deal.

I think this one might be for the best. Connelly is a player who has never jumped out at me and considering he had his best seasons in the league as a pending UFA at 27-years-old, it screams buyer beware.

He likely would’ve fit into the middle-six in Edmonton, which would’ve been fine, but I feared his price tag would’ve been too high for what the Oilers wanted to pay.

It appears, after Connolly met with Edmonton, that was the case.

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Heavy on Perry

After dipping out on the Connolly sweepstakes, the Oilers appear to have gone hard after former Anaheim Duck Corey Perry.

I may be in the minority here, but I have lots of time for Perry. Like Connolly would’ve been, I think Perry is a solid option for the Oilers in the middle-six.

There is a chance too that he could slide up to the top line alongside McDavid and Draisaitl. As a prominent goal scorer throughout his career, Perry might be able to hit the fountain of youth with the pair.

He isn’t getting any younger, of course, and is coming off a major injury that led to his eventual buyout.

I’d be wary of signing Perry to anything over a year or two at $2-3-million.

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The Sekera buyout opened up some more options for the Oilers, giving them a few million more in cap space to work with. It will be interesting to see how Holland weaponizes it, as it appears he’s already prepared to sign a goaltender for roughly the savings Sekera offered.

It would leave Edmonton with roughly $10-million, according to PuckPedia, to make a few more signings.

Holland has expressed interest in acquiring a top-six winger, while the team still needs to sign a 3rd line centre. Brian Boyle still makes lots of sense to me for that role.

I know it’s crazy, but I would love to see Holland use the space and go out and make an offer sheet. There’s no better time than now with guys like Mitch Marner, Sebastian Aho and Patrik Laine — amongst others — available to be had.

None the less, stay tuned to OilersNation Monday as I’ll be providing coverage of moves all day long.

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  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    FFS No to Perry I dont care if he comes here for 50k. the guy’s better days are behind him and we already have the reclamation project in Smith do we really need another one. Remember how the Brodziak experiment turned out.

    • Vanoil

      I would love to see who was faster in a race — Lucic or Perry. All we need is one more bruiser as a centre and we would have the most fearsome fourth line …

      • SailorD81

        He was never a world beater as a skater, true. But he was something that Lucic was never and that’s a pure goal scorer. Could he be again? Maybe. Given the right circumstance and playing with the best player in the league.

  • Wesley41

    Wow an offer sheet are you trolling us,I hope that was a joke right?Multiple bad contracts still on the books with Nurse and Nuge soon needing new contracts.Perry is two slow and on his last legs,the league is getting younger and faster but we want old and slow as usual.I would rather take a shot at Daniel Carr then Perry it would cost less and he can skate at least so if he doesn’t work out not as big as a deal!

  • Whaler

    I’ll take Perry on my team any day. He’s one of those guys you absolutely hate, until they are on your team. Sure his best days are behind him, but he’s a Hart trophy winner with multiple gold medals, and a Stanley cup. The dudes been around some pressure situations. He’s an NHL winger who can score. Exactly what we need. He could really help our middle six and power play. Hopefully a one year deal for 2 mill, maybe some incentives as well. Would he really come to Edmonton tho… probably not.