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Edmonton Oilers re-sign Alex Chiasson to two-year, $2.15 million AAV contract

The Edmonton Oilers re-signed F Alex Chiasson Monday to a two-year, $2.15-million contract, according to Sportsnet’s Mark Spector.

Chiasson joined the Oilers last year on a one-year, league minimum $650,000 contract and had a career season.

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He posted career highs in goals (22) and points (38) playing the most time on ice of his career.

The Oilers had been chasing some other options like Brett Connolly, Gustav Nyquist, and Valteri Filppula “losing out” on the three before they apparently circled back to Chiasson.

Chiasson’s break out season has earned him a well-deserved payday as a guy who showed he could play up and down the lineup.

A good option on the power-play, he saw lots of success last season scoring eight goals and seven assists there.

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It’s likely the Stanley Cup champion will play a middle-six role with the Edmonton Oilers for the next two seasons.

I like the signing a fair bit, and am not sold that we’ll see a whole lot of regression from him. He’s flexibility in being able to play up and down the lineup is one of his biggest assets and he’s still relatively young at only 28-years-old.

A journeyman of 454 NHL games, his new deal is the largest of his career and it’s well deserved.

EvolvingWild, who created Free Agent salary projections, cited Chiasson being worth a three-year, $3.1-million contract on the market, so you could argue the Oilers got him at a relative discount.

The Oilers still have a smidge under $7-million in cap space to work with, according to PuckPedia, noting Brandon Manning’s buried cap hit.

There’s lots of day left — and lots of offseason left — and I’m curious to see what other assets Holland and co. add.

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  • Hemi

    Just a good solid signing. Every Oil fan saw what he brought to each game last year. Definitely not a top six but he sure does the bottom six some good. Can move up and down the line up when required. A big thumbs up for all involved.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    I wish the Oilers would have done this before the end of the season they may have been able to get Chaisson in the 1.5 to 1.85 a year range. Not terrible but could have been had cheaper. Not a bad signing TBH if Chaisson could do what he did last year. Might improve on his total if Tippett isnt blendering lines as much as Hitch and TM did all season

      • Dallas Eakins Hair

        Chiassons agent told the Oilers that Alex would be interested to stay and sign an extension but then Chia got ousted and everything was up in the air so nothing got done, understandable given what was going on in the org at the time. This isnt a major overpayment so think most will live with it

        • OilerForLife

          By today’s standard, I think it’s a great deal. Chaisson earned a raise and was rewarded a reasonable deal with an extra year. He can help carry the Oilers forward until help from the farm team arrives in due course.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    So backup goalie: check
    Bottom 6 forwards: too many to cont, but check

    Where’s the top 6 forward you promised us Ken? I know you don’t like trading so that’s off the table.

    • OilerForLife

      Holland isn’t going to sign a ridiculously long deal for big money that the Oilers are going to be stuck with for years and years. He’s not going to get sucked in trading Puljujarvi if they don’t get a fair return, so he plays in Europe and proves he can play in the NHL, that’s on his Puljujarvi and his agent. If it means waiting means prospects to develop, then so be it. At least we’ll have the money ready when payday arrives for our new young stars. That will make Edmonton a destination that everybody wants to play at.

      I like the approach that Holland is taking because how did the other approach work out!

  • toprightcorner

    Good signing. Connelly had a break through year at basically the same age and got 4 years at $3.25 mill with no income tax, that is over $4 mill in Edmonton. Previous years wer very close. This is a very good signing, especially considering what other players are getting. Chaisson also wanted to be in Edmonton and guys like him in in the locker room

  • Rama Lama

    An absolute waste of money……..he may be a good fourth line player, but we have enough of those. He caught lightning in a bottle last year and I very much doubt he can replicate what he did last year.

    I say he score 10 goals this year……….any bets?

  • cityofchampions

    After the other potential wingers we were chasing all went for too much money, this makes sense. Comes with a bit of risk, but we know the player and he knows us and wants to be here. I’m fine with this, but we still need to find a at least one top 6 winger to have a second line.

      • cityofchampions

        And how do you know he’d come to the Oilers for that? Maybe Holland offered that or more but Nyquist thought the Blue Jackets were closer to winning/easier schedule/closer to family (is close to Detroit where he started). Maybe we would have had to pay an extra million a year to get him…would you be ok with that ?

  • Petey Summers

    Not overly realistic to expect Chiasson to match that extremely high shooting % he put up last year as it’s certainly unsustainable but still … a serviceable NHL’r.

  • Esa Beukberger

    Solid signing. I was worried, but it looks like KH is smart enough to not overpay for the underwhelming. That’s killed us for years…right? (Belanger, Barker, Lucic). Making a “splash” on July 1 is overrated.