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Edmonton Oilers re-sign Jujhar Khaira to two-year, $1.2 million AAV contract

The Edmonton Oilers have re-signed F Jujhar Khaira to a two-year contract.

According to OilersNation’s Jason Gregor, the deal will see him paid $1.2-million annually.

Khaira, who was drafted by the Oilers in the third round of the 2012 draft, just finished his fourth-campaign with the club.

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It was a year that saw him score three goals, adding 15 assists in 60 games played. A useful bottom-six player, Khaira has slowly become a favourite of Oilers.

Khaira was an RFA this offseason and Edmonton had issued him a qualifying offer last week to retain his rights. His underlying analytics are just under the team average throughout his career with a low-PDO suggesting there could be more to his game.

This was a signing I was expecting to happen and I think will be fairly inconsequential. Offering up 18 points last year, I would expect that number to bounce back above the 20 mark like in his 17-18 season that saw him notch 21 points.

Khaira shot astronomically low last year — only 4.7 per cent. If that rebounds back to the 10-12 per cent range, he will near 10 goals next season.

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Not a whole lot more you could ask for from a bottom-six, low-cost winger.

At 24-years-old, he’s just entering his prime in the NHL so these are the years we could expect the most out of him. If he doesn’t seem to progress, his cap hit is low enough it could be buried in the AHL for the second year of the contract, though I don’t see that happening.

When his contract is over, Khaira will remain a RFA.

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  • KPUZ

    This guy is a fringe NHL player at best. Granted he does have a heart of a lion but very little skill.

    This is a massive overpay. 3 goals last year rewarded with 1.2 million per year over 2 years.

    • Big Nuggets

      you guys calling everytjing a massive overpay need to recallibrate. Salary cap has gone up, 1.2 million is peanuts in todays NHL. I don’t know if you are in the crew that cries about Nurse hypothetically getting overpayed on his next contract, but that is the dumbest narrative people are trying to spin.

      • KPUZ

        No. I think Nurse is a stud and is the future of our defense and deserves to be paid.

        I seem alone in thinking Khaira is a fringe NHL player and could be replaced for cheaper for a player from our AHL affiliate that has much more offensive upside.

        • rnj

          Fringe NHL player? Well yeah. He’s also on the fringe of the team where he belongs in the bottom 6.

          He is one of the only guys whose points per $ paid would’ve put him on Tampa’s stacked team last year.

          Those 3 goals were scored in 60 games, shooting half of his career S%, starting 55% in the dzone.

          He should average about 7-10 goals a year and 20-25 points for only $1.2M. He’s also just outside the top 50 in hits.

          Worst case scenario is a kid could replace him for $500,000 savings and we have a solid depth guy on a friendly contract we can trade.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    I like JJ I think he will have a way better year this year, somewhere along the line early in the year I think JJ got hurt in a fight or hit, because he didnt seem at all like himself last year compared to the year before. Hopefully the upcoming season will be better for him, I like the guy he plays the game hard and leaves it all out there

  • blobbo

    What’s not to like about this guy? He puts on his hard hat and goes to work. He wasn’t exactly teamed up with guys who would help him put up any numbers. He needs to play to get better.

  • rnj

    Great signing. As you can see in the comments, fans are true to their word that you don’t need to be a stud to be liked in Edmonton. You just have to work hard.

    These are the signings that don’t seem like much but add up fast. A 3M fourth line of guys who grind, battle, and score 10 each? Hell yeah