Can the Oilers find a trade partner?

The pool of unrestricted free agent forwards has dried up and the Oilers are still sitting around with about $3.63 million to spend and a clear need to add a top-six winger. It doesn’t look like they’ll be able to afford someone like Ryan Dzingel or Michael Ferland unless they clear out a contract or two, so if Holland wants to make an impactful addition to this team, he’ll need to hit up the trade market.

For that, he might need to target other teams who are tight against the salary cap or teams that were very active on the free agent market and now may have some pieces they’re willing to move out.

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Based on the Oilers lack of depth at the NHL level when it comes to quality forwards or defensemen, they’ll likely need to acquire a forward while giving up nothing but future assets.

Right now, the three teams with the least amount of cap space are the Vegas Golden Knights ($1.9m over the cap), the Pittsburgh Penguins ($1.875 million in cap space), and the Arizona Coyotes ($1.7 million in cap space). Those would be the trade partners Edmonton would have to look at.


Right now, the Golden Knights are about $1.9 million over the cap and while they’re holding onto David Clarkson’s contract and will be able to put him on LTIR when the season begins, they still have some work to do if they want to be cap compliant before the beginning of the season. On top of shedding enough money to be cap compliant, they also need to add a backup goalie.

So, how will they get rid of that money? They’ll need to trade off some roster players. I would have loved for the Oilers to get their hands on one of Erik Haula or Colin Miller, but it seemed like Vegas was more interested in dealing those players out of the Western Conference.

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Their hands are still tied and maybe as the summer continues, Vegas might open up to the possibility of making a trade with a division rival. If they are, then the Oilers should be interested in a couple of forwards.

Cody Eakin is owed $3.85 million for one more season. If Vegas is forced to sell him for something around what they got for Erik Haula, and the price should even be less considering his age and cap hit, then the Oilers should explore that possibility. Maybe they offer Vegas Ethan Bear and a low-end draft pick (again, comparable to the Haula deal) and then use a third-round pick to try and get rid of Sam Gagner’s $3.15 million cap hit

The other player is Nikita Gusev. The 26-year-old Russian winger has never played an NHL game but has ripped apart the KHL for a few seasons now. In the past two years, he’s played 116 games for SKA St. Petersburg and has scored 144 points. He has talent and the Oilers need skilled wingers.

My only concern is that Gusev is currently an RFA and Darren Dreger reported the other day on TSN 1260 that Gusev’s camp could be asking for somewhere around $5 million per season on his next deal. That’s too rich for the Oilers and if his price came down significantly, I would imagine Vegas would keep him.

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Right now, the Penguins have just a hair over $1.5 million in cap space with 11 forwards, 8 defenseman, and two goalies signed. They aren’t exactly in a position where they have to make a trade however considering the fact that they just signed Brandon Tanev to a long-term deal, I wonder if Jim Rutherford could be talked into moving one of his top nine wingers. If that is the case, the Oilers should be all over that. 

They have a very deep group of forwards and while they’re under the cap, for now, next summer they’ll need to sign Alex Galchenyuk, Justin Schultz, and starting goalie Matt Murray. That’s a lot for them to accomplish with not a lot of wiggle room.

The player I’d be looking at if I was Edmonton would be Bryan Rust. The 27-year-old has never cracked 40 points in a season, but he’s been on pace for at least 15 goals in each of the last three seasons. He makes $3.5 million, so it would push the Oilers right up against the cap ceiling, but I think he’s a guy who could crack 20 goals a season for the next few years with a permanent spot in the Oilers top six.


“The Arizona Coyotes have the third highest cap hit in the NHL”. That doesn’t sound right considering this is the same organization that is notorious for taking in bad contracts to just get to the cap floor.

Their current cap situation is a little deceiving. While they have around $200k in cap space, they will have around $5 million open up to them once they slide Marian Hossa on LTIR at the start of the season. They aren’t forced to make a move, but I’m sure their ownership group wouldn’t scoff at the idea of unloading some money.

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Looking at their forward group though, I don’t think there’s a fit between them and the Oilers. Most of their forwards are either good and young, so I doubt John Chayka wants to move them, or they’re on bad contracts, so the Oilers can’t afford them.


While the Leafs are currently sitting with $8.6 million in cap space, they need to be able to sign Mitch Marner, Cody Ceci, and the newly acquired Alex Kerfoot with that cap space. While they will be able to put Nathan Horton on LTIR once the season starts, I still think that they’ll need to subtract one contract from their payroll and I would suspect that will come from their forward group.

They have newly signed wingers Kasperi Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson as well as the pending RFA Kerfoot. I’m not sure if the Leafs would even consider moving any of those, especially in a scenario where they only get future assets back, but I still think there might be a fit here between the Leafs and Oilers. Would Kyle Dubas entertain the idea of grabbing one of Edmonton’s young defenseman and some sort of draft pick in exchange for one of the young scoring wingers?


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    • Ken Holland

      Lineuo Projections look pretty bad with a shade over 5 mil in cap space left(when we bury Manning).

      Draisaitl – McDavid – Kassian
      Lucic – Nuge – Chiasson
      Granlund – Haas – Nygard
      Marody – Khaira – Benson

      Klefbom – Larsson
      Nurse – Russell
      Jones – Benning

      This is not a playoff roster. We need to trade Gagner and let another team buy him out(prospect or pick) and we need to trade Russell even if it means we eat some salary.

      We cannot go into the season with this lineup.

    • MrBung

      Oil are still bottom 5-10 in the league. Goaltending tandem is highly questionable, scoring falls off after top 3, D is bringing in a bunch of inexperience … This team really isn’t that much different than last seasons edition. Not sure why anyone expects different results.

    • Moneyball

      Holland certainly has the balls to make some questionable moves. Probably not a bad thing as pr virus GM’s seemed bullied into doing the popular thing but is not the smart move. Ie drafting yakupov over Murray, not trading puljujarvi after the first or second year, signing Lucic, drafting puljujarvi over Tkachuk etc…
      I’m willing to give Holland the keys and let him do his thing for a few years, but this team needs 1 more top 6 winger to be competitive next year at a minimum.

  • Petey Summers

    So the Oil have 3.63 remaining in available cap space but not really, right. I mean, there is no mention in the story that the Oil will have to hold back … what, around the two million dollar mark for the event of an injury to pay callups etc. The Oil predicament is a a lot worse than it looks on the surface.

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      You should be practising your catching skills for all those Lamers Jerseys that will be getting tossed this upcoming season, no takers Neal, Turtlechuk’s over payment which will cripple the lamers further and that deep team that couldnt get it done in the playoffs back together again and overpaying Talbot who you guys will have to pray wont let in every first shot he faces while overpaying him for the privilege….

      • Petey Summers

        There was only one Flames jersey thrown … likely by a planted Oil fan … we still don’t have an accurate count on all the Oil jerseys over the last few years going back to Rexall ice. The jury is out on both Talbot & Mike Smith. I’m certain that both respective fan bases will wait to see which one proves himself more than the other. Shirley, the hockey gawds will see to it that they face one another in the very first regular season game. Now won’t THAT be fun!

        • Dallas Eakins Hair

          LOLOLOL only one Lamers Jersey thrown, but your Value Village discount bin was full of em, funny how that works. I noticed you glossed over how your Lamers are in a worse cap position than the Oil. Brad will be doing what Holland did, looking for cheap guys t fill roster spots because they dont have room to sign guys so the sell off begins. Course maybe Johnny Lightweight will be dumped cant get it done in the playoffs, at least Turtlechuk can take a hit. Much like Value Village your Lamers will be looking for players in the discount section

          • Petey Summers

            @That Hair …

            “You already seen that”

            Ahahhahahahhaa, when criticizing someone for punctuation, spelling, grammar or lack of concise posts it’s always a good idea to show the good folk reading that you are actually capable of that yourself, yes …

            “You already seen that” lol …

          • Dallas Eakins Hair

            This coming from the guy who trolls here constantly under how many different accounts.You have been doing the same shtick since way back when, the sun comments section, TSN and Sportsnet and that’s just a few of them. LOL if you weren’t getting banned all the time you wouldn’t have to keep making up new accounts every day like you do here. You wax on and on about all the Oilers problem when your Lamers have their very own Chia in old Brad….good luck with that rebuild….lol

  • Dr

    I can understand the pessimism. I am an Oiler fan too, after all. But, it’s July 3! The roster can be changed between now and October 2. I’ve heard so many people gripe and complain about a lack of action, or the players they have signed, or the colour of the uniforms, the number of vowels in Edmonton Oilers, or etc etc etc etc. Oilers fans could teach a master class on complaining and panicking.

    • TruthHurts98

      It’s called being a realist. The Oilers are a bottom 5 team in the NHL and at least one goalie, one top dman and 3 top wingers away from the playoffs. Ole Kenny is building for the future and what’s the point of mortgaging it away for POSSIBLE short term success??? Next year’s draft is the deepest since 2015. It’s ok, we’re still rebuilding and anyone that thinks we have a shot at the playoffs is dreaming or smoking something fantastic!

      • HOCKEY83

        The Oilers are just an example of what every team is going to look like very soon when the rest of the young stars on good contracts are looking for their 10 to 15 mil deals. The moment Johnny and Monny will be looking for raises they will be gone.

    • RJ

      This kind of ad hominem critique really isn’t helpful. Anyone of us who have been watching the Oilers the past 20 years can see that this team isn’t good enough to make the playoffs. It doesn’t take a pro scout to know that goaltending is critical and Koskinen and Smith probably aren’t good enough. The defence isn’t good enough and the only move has been to subtract a vet. McD and Drai have been great, but the quality scorers are only three deep. No quality scorers have been added.

      But by all means, label everyone who points out these facts as “complainers”, and then ignore the truth. Not sure if you have friends/family who work for the Oil or you’re just really deep into the look-aid.

    • MrBung

      I have a lot of sympathy for Holland. His predecessor(s) left him a hot mess. There are no magical deals that will make a difference with this team given cap constraints and limited assets to move (just end up creating one problem while solving another). This team will basically finish the same way as last season. Not much different … and lets face it … this goaltending tandem just doesn’t cut it.

  • billsbills

    So the Oilers need a top six winger. But everyone you listed, are bottom six players.

    Your entire blog is contradictory. They need to shed salary if they want to improve by trade. Most of the guys you mentioned make more than what is available. But you only want to trade draft picks?

    Nobody is taking Sam Gagner and his 3.15 until maybe the trade deadline and only if he’s having a good season.

  • I find it so hard to believe that this team is so up against the cap and we have no actual top 6 wingers. And none seem to be likely coming. I hope things get better but i fear they will get worse

  • Spydyr

    You have to have an asset the other team wants in order to make a trade. Every asset the Oilers have that is tradable they need to keep. The team has been a gong show since Katz took over a complete farce. There will be no easy fixes. They have to start doing what the should have done decades ago. Draft develop build from within and lose the walkabout picks. They are not smarter than the entire NHL. Only a fool would think they are and there record shows who the really fools are.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    Holland has time to wait and see what other teams are going to do to not hit the max number of contracts each team is allowed and for those that need to shed players and salary. The Leafs as much as the Toronto media loves to crow how they have plenty of cap space and Dubas is a genius, but the Leafs still have players to sign and they will still be getting close to the cap, they are still going to have to make some moves yet whether it be in a trade or a salary and player dump just like other teams like Vegas will have to do.

    There are guys going to find themselves out of a teams picture due to cap and contract constraints , its like this every year for most teams, so when the chair shuffling beings guys are going to be left without a seat. That is what happened with Chaisson, Washington wanted to keep him but needed the contract and cap space, its happened to other guys and it will happen to more.

    If Holland can move out a couple guys he will, much like other GM’s will do, its finding the right dance partner that will be the trick with a lower cap than expected and teams being cautious of the deals they want to take on and how it will effect their cap budget, some teams are going to sacrifice guys and take player in the AHL or prospects or Picks or trade guys with a higher salary and take a guy back on a lower salary that might not be anywhere near the player they traded, if Holland is smart he wait, watches and listens to whats going on around the League, everyone has time still to try and work things out but as the season draws closer teams will be forced to get their house in order to meet the NHL cap compliance and contract limits and there is lots of time before that happens

    • Petey Summers

      @That Hair

      Leafs gave up the cowardly Kadri for a one year rental in Barrie & you call that genius ???

      Wowza …

      Leafs will have 17-18 million in available cap space including the LTIR shaningans they are involved in …

      Do the math …

      Marner has reportedly turned down 11 per year over eight years …
      Kerfoot is looking for 3-ish million per …
      Ceci is looking for 4-5- ish million per …

      Do the math, something has to give … what about holding dollars back in the event of emergency injuries?

      Do the math before making erroneous comments like that ..

      • Dallas Eakins Hair

        man your reading comprehension is horrible, or your just making stuff up like usual If you could read you would see what I wrote was

        ” The Leafs as much as the Toronto media loves to crow how they have plenty of cap space and Dubas is a genius, but the Leafs still have players to sign and they will still be getting close to the cap, they are still going to have to make some moves yet whether it be in a trade or a salary and player dump just like other teams like Vegas will have to do ”

        LOL the Toronto media seems to think Dubas is a genius, I certainly don’t. Leafs still have cap issues and salary to dump, nothing is going to change for them next year when they will be right back in the same boat

        Nice try for a desperate comeback…btw reading isn’t a bad thing

      • Vanoil

        Actually Dubas gave up Kadri (who has killed their post season twice in a row now) for Kerfoot another third-line centre with more skill but less goals (as he is a passer not a shooter) but similar points. Kerfoot is an RFA under control who will still be cheaper than Kadri’s $4.5M a season (three left). Barrie was a bonus, brought in to replace the departing Jake Gardiner. They can move on from Barrie next year, so really no down-side to the big-picture, provided they can sign Kerfoot to a decent longer-term deal than Kadri had. They still have plenty of room for Marner. Ceci is another rental, and because they have inhouse prospects coming up in the next two years, they are optimizing their cap-space productively. That is pretty forward thinking.

          • Dallas Eakins Hair

            You mean like Old Brad and the cap hell your Lamers are in? 9 mil in cap space…let the sell off begin , ought to start with Johnny Lightweight, cant take a hit and he probobaly wants to go somewhere were he has a shot at getting past the first round

        • Rock11

          Wow that is some strong Leafs Kool-Aid. Kerfoot is a better player than Kadri. Really? He ran a shooting % heater when he first came into the league and has otherwise proven to be a drag on performance to the Avs(article on the Athletic). All the while Tyson Barrie might literally be the worst defensive player in the league. I really don’t get the Dubas love fest. He is being called a cap wizard. If downgrading your talent and giving away first round picks is wizardry I will stick with the muggles.

      • HOCKEY83

        He didn’t call anyone a genious he said that’s what the toronto media called Dubas. You just told him exactly what he said Toronto still had to do. I’m assuming he was saying there are teams still out there in trouble and holland may be able to take advantage of that. Makes sense to everyone but you i guess.

  • ed from edmonton

    I know the thought of the Oil and the Phelgms doing a deal seem unlikely, but the cowtowners have type biggest cap problem in the league. According to Cap Friendly they have about $9.5M and they need to sign Turtle, Rittich, Bennet and at least one more forward. Aho has gotten 8.5M for a 5 year deal that aligns with his UFA debut. Rittich should be looking for a starters wage which is at least 4 mill. They might do a bridge deal with the turtle and get him for 2 years by 6, but still nothing left for Bennet. Bennet is a 15 goal 30 point guy with a high compete level and will cost # to 3.5M. Not really what Holland wants but still an upgrade over many of the Oil forwards. An offer sheet in this area is 2nd rounder. Or they could just work a trade for a 2nd round pick.

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      Lamers fans seem to forget they have cap issues, Turtlechuck’s over payment means the Lamers are going to have dump players and salary, they are in a worse position then the Oilers are in cap wise, so they will have to do what the Leafs and others have done dump players and contracts for cheaper guys. Lots of teams are having to do this, and with the Lower cap this year lots of good player around the league are going to be expendable by teams because they just dont have the cash

          • Cowbell_Feva

            He is in no way comparable to Aho. Thst being because Aho can actually skate at the NHL level. Turtle is a bad skater by ECHL standards. Wait til age slows he even more!

          • Glencontrolurstik

            He is unique in that he has skill & plays with grit… You know? Like Lucic did at one time… Some team with some cap space could offer-sheet him in the 7.5 – 8 range. He’d be worth that to some teams. I’m sure he is asking for that kind of money? Calgary couldn’t match that, as it stands now.

        • HOCKEY83

          Probably the best thing that could happen to the flames is for him to get offer sheeted. They’d be better off with the picks moving forward considering they will lose johnny and monny as soon as they need a greedy raise

      • HOCKEY83

        So same as the oilers did with hall and eberle because of McD’s and Drai’s contracts. It certainly isn’t new news. as soon as every team in the league starts signing 2 or 3 8 to 12 mil contracts the teams are going to go to crap

        • Kevwan

          Hall was traded a year before Draisaitl signed and 2 years before Connor’s contract kicked in …….so nothing to do with each other.

          With exactly 1 season of more than 1 team having a 10 mil/yr player you can predict the effects on all teams? Take your gross gravatar and go back to FN.

        • RJ

          Maybe you didn’t post here during the trade; it was Hall for Larsson AND Lucic. Chia was a genius, and 90% of the posters in this forum had Chia’s back when the trade was made. I wasn’t one of them. I knew Lucic was a dud.

          • OilerForLife

            That is actually true but sometimes people have trouble accepting reality. Now Holland’s approach is all we can do, which makes drafting majorly important. It’s the only way out now.

      • ed from edmonton

        Interesting. Both were #4 picks who haven’t become what was hoped. Unless JP is willing to sign for just the qualifying offer it doesn’t help the cap problem much.

        • Petey Summers

          Boys, it’s not unusual for you to drool, envy or otherwise appreciate players on the Flames roster … just be sure to do it from afar please … and thanks, lol.

          • Dallas Eakins Hair

            oh please oh delusional one, your Lamers are in cap hell and are going to be going into sell of mode because they have to sign Turtlechuk and the sell off will begin. Your very own Chia in old Brad I am sure will do a bang up job…lololololol

      • HOCKEY83

        I’d do that trade all day long. I was very excited when the oiler got him but unfortunately they treated him like a yoyo. I would have loved to see what he could do playing at least half a season with Mcdavid.

    • Petey Summers

      Frolik is the guy that the Oil & their fans should be coveting but he won’t come cheap … think the Oil’s first rounder next year … no lottery protection either …

    • HOCKEY83

      You should do some research regarding all the teams and the cap space they have. The flames do need to get rid of one player to fit everything they want in but certainly are not the most cap strapped team in the league. No way Tkachuk signs a bridge deal he will get his 7 to 8 long term. Bennett is worth 3 to 4 mil rittich is worth 3 to 4 mil. any extra forward they need will just be a cheap less than a mil 4th liner…The Oil know about those. The flames will trade away frolik or Brodie and probably at a reduced rate but they’ll get it done. Lets just hope they don’t trade the 2 of them away for a bag of pucks and a tank of propane for the Zamboni like the Oil did with Hall and Eberle.

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      that would leave no money for any moves needed during the season Chia had us in that hell last year, lesson learned. No way Holland does anything like that without moving some players and money out of the organisation

      • Glencontrolurstik

        We can arrange a Gagner LTIR? No?
        So “Leafesk” , but, I’m not proud, I’d do that in a heartbeat. We wouldn’t have to read any more of these, “Who are the Oilers going to target today” pieces.
        That would free up enough on its own to secure a pretty good 2nd line RW…

        • Dallas Eakins Hair

          lol they could but I dont see the Oil doing that. The Oilers have guys on contracts that can drop off the books next year Gange, Manning, Brodziak , Grybas cap hit is done and then all the guys they signed to 1 yr deals come off the books as well they have some guys that will be UFA’s and RFA’s as well.

  • CMG30

    I suspect the Sekera buyout was more to do with giving Holland room to move if the right deal comes along. Not as a prequel to a trade already in the can. The danger here is that if the right deal doesn’t come along then they’ve saddled themselves with 2 years of dead cap space needlessly.

  • Ron Burgundyz

    My fingers are crossed for a deal for Nik Ehlers. Winnipeg needs to re-sign Laine and Connor, have only 7 other forwards signed for next year, and basically have Jeff from accounting on their 2nd and 3rd pair D. Does Puljujarvi, Jones and a pick get it done? Or even better, Pulj, Russell and a pick? Seems like there’s a fit here somehow.

  • Abagofpucks

    The next buyout window will be when holland makes the line up for this season. Gags, russell, pool, all could be in play for trade and buyouts, broads buried in the ahl. Players like cave likely wont be here when the season starts, holland has time to make deals off cap strapped teams. And i think he’s smart enough to pull something off.

    The biggest thing to remember is we are’t winning the cup this year.
    Squeaking into the playoffs is about as good as we can hope for this year.

    And if we do im ok with that, if we don’t it won’t be a shock.

  • QuitForRealThisTime

    I think the only model where the Oil make the playoffs next year is to do what NYI did, play really good defence with the same players. Hope one of the goalies has a good year. But I do believe that Ken’s plan for 2020 will show through. If the Oil surprise and are playing well by Feb they will move out some future assets for a push. I am on board with not sacrificing a future cup contention for a 2019 playoff run. To bad Chia did not have the same plan. Or MacT and the rest of the misfits.

  • If we’re talking patient rebuild, there’s the very strong possibility that Holland does nothing until he gets a look at everyone in training camp. He said recently that he wants to see all of his pieces first-hand. He may wait and see if another team gets off to a horrible start and then talk turkey. That wouldn’t be unreasonable, and might actually net someone from a panicky team for a better price.

  • Gravis82

    I have a feeling that any backup on the farm will be better than mike smith. I also have a feeling that sekera will be a 5 million dollar player again. I also have a feeling that kris russel is not a good player and should be traded for draft picks. There, that is 6 million dollars.

        • Dallas Eakins Hair

          I would have looked for someone younger and cheaper, Teams still are setting rosters NHL and AHL. if it came down to I would have went after mcelhinney a year younger than Smith, better record last year than Smith and he signed with the lightning for 1.5 a yr

          • ed from edmonton

            Younger and cheaper, but not better? So even more reliant on Koski. Don’t get me wrong I think the Oil goaltending is a ticking time bomb. But the bomb was set in motion when they signed an unproven goalie to a starter’s salary.

          • Glencontrolurstik

            Maybe he did? Just maybe Curtis McIlleney didn’t want to come to Edmonton? There is that… Same can be said for a lot of players we all think the Oilers should target. Id rather play in a market that doesn’t have every fan just waiting to pounce on you when you leave your house for a loaf of bread or at the gas pump. Could you imagine what it would be like to be Milan Lucic, walking around the town trying to get some “me-time?”
            This is a tough crowd in Edmonton, you must admit.

          • Dallas Eakins Hair

            I still dont get why they did that contract with Koskinen so early and for that dollar and term, I thought that was plain dumb based on a short span of games

          • Dallas Eakins Hair

            Yeah Glen if he was looking for anonymity in a city where Hockey is like way down the list of sports some US based teams do have in their cities Florida would be on the list. I never heard any rumblings that the Oilers spoke with his agent, they could have but I didn’t read anything like that, but with that said I would have looked at him based on his record last year

          • Odanada

            Pete alone made the Koskinen deal.
            Sure he was on thin ice at the time, and should have needed Bungler Bob’s approval for any and all deals, but the important thing to remember is it was Chia alone who made that deal.
            Nothing to see here folks. Keep moving.

  • rnj

    Holy .. why are you guys constantly writing about getting rid of Gagner? He offers one of the best value contracts on the team in terms of value per dollar, and he’ll resign for less after this season. He’s not a problem

    • TKB2677

      I wouldn’t call Gagner a value contract but no team is going to trade for him. It makes no sense to buy him out because they did Sekera already. They do lack wingers. I don’t expect a ton from him but you might be able to get 30 pts from him. In 25 games he had 5 goals, 10 points. Pro rate that over 82 games, that’s 16 goals, 33 pts.

        • TKB2677

          Exactly, so no one is trading for him. He’s got 1 yr left. Play him, hopefully he can produce a little bit. Put him on your second unit PP. He’s apparently extremely well liked in the room which is a bit important. He does have skill, just not the boots. If at the end of the year, he does OK and wants to come back at a reduced contract, sure.

  • What about rolling the dice on Kerby Rychel and Valeri Nichushkin as 1st round reclamation projects? Offer low 1-year contracts and see what they can do with Top 6 minutes? Neither guy got more than 4th line minutes with their NHL clubs but didn’t fare too poorly with their AHL/KHL teams. If it doesn’t work, bury them in Bakersfield and don’t resign them next offseason. They have to be a better offensive options than Cave, Broziak, or Jurco.

    • Reg Dunlop

      ‘They have to be a better offensive options than Cave, Brodziak, Jurco, Lucic, Khaira, Granlund, Marody, Gambardella, Haas or Nygard.’ There, I fixed it for you.

  • Kevwan

    Holland’s UFA signings are underwhelming. Yes he was limited in his cap space but he didn’t get the 2nd line W or the 3rd line C he needed.

    It’s like he went to the grocery store and bought 2 bottles of ketchup, 2 jars of mustard, an extra bag of buns and now he’s 10 cents short to buy a pack of hot dogs.

    • Moneyball

      Kevwan; that’s the perfect analogy for the Oilers ufa moves. I am happy that there are no long term headaches and maybe now a good deal can be had that the super desperate gms are done spending.

      • Reg Dunlop

        Truth is, all the FA signings by Holland would have accepted PTOs in August. Unless the plan is to crater for next year’s draft I don’t understand the moves.

  • Derzie

    A rule of thumb in media (and TSN uses this constantly) is that if the headline contains a question mark, the answer ‘no’. Otherwise it would not have a question mark.