Should the Oilers be showing interest in Kevin Shattenkirk?

Kevin Shattenkirk’s name has once again entered the NHL movement cycle.

The enigmatic, 30-year-old defenceman had his name linked to being a prime buyout candidate by the New York Post’s Larry Brooks in a Saturday column. 

The Rangers have made two trades this offseason and both were for right-hand defensemen who play the power play. So what does that tell you about Kevin Shattenkirk’s future on Broadway?

That, plus the cap fix into which management willingly leaped by signing Artemi Panarin and Jacob Trouba for a combined $19.654 million-plus, tells me Shattenkirk’s tenure as Blueshirt will be over by the close of the team’s second buyout window Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Shattenkirk is a right-shot, puck-moving defenceman who has been a consistent point producer from the back end through his nine-year NHL career.

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He’s been a strong analytics player throughout his career with an ability to drive play from the back end.

Last season was arguably one of his worst in the league, posting 28 points in 73 games; but that’s well off from his average of 47 points per 82 games.

It rings more like an anomaly season than anything else.

As it stands, Shattenkirk has two years left one his contract with the Rangers that pays them $6.6-million a season. It was his first big payday, having been under contract with the Blues previously for $4.25-million.

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The Rangers have a bit of a logjam on the backend, so it doesn’t surprise be they could be looking to move their second-largest defensive contract. The big problem that may turn them off is his cap hit in the second year of the buyout would be $6-million.

Nonetheless, there’s no doubt that Shattenkirk would step in and have an immediate impact on the OIlers back end.

The Oilers have sorely missed someone who can move the puck from the right side and it’s evident he’d slide into the top pairing on the team’s backend.

Edmonton only has $2.5-million in cap space, which I’m almost certain wouldn’t be enough to coerce a free agent Shattenkirk. And Edmonton would have few options for being able to clear the space needed to sign him for what I would assume would be $5-$6-million a year.

Trading Kris Russell pops out as the first, most likely option. But to make that happen, the Oilers would need to find a way to make the trade without bringing in any dollars, unless that is, you add in someone else like a Sam Gagner to clear more room in Edmonton.

I’ve written about Shattenkirk at OilersNation a few times in the past.

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In Jan. 2017 I speculated about a potential deadline deal that February I shared a story about how the Oilers had a deal in place to trade Taylor Hall for Shattenkirk. Shattenkirk had vetoed the deal.

If the Oilers could make it happen, would you welcome Shattenkirk to town?

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    I dont see Shattenkirk doing any show me deals, I think another team will sign him at say 3 mil a season to a 1 or 2 yr deal.Holland wont do any deals without moving a couple bodies out, he’s already stated he wanted to have 2 mil in cap space for the season, so unless some salary and body goes out I dont see a deal in the cards

  • wiseguy

    So Shattenkirk saved the Oilers from a terrible deal with the veto and they were stubborn enough to find another bad deal. If only the players on the ice had the same determination as our management…

  • toprightcorner

    Zachary Laing!!!! You go to your room right now young man and think about what you wrote and how stupid it was.

    Holland got rid of one of the worst contracts in the NHL and now you want him to trade to get another of the top 10 worst contracts in the league. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Abagofpucks

    He didn’t want to be hear after the first supposed deal why would he want to come here now? But anywats i’ll go with the nancy reagan slogon……..JUST SAY NOOOOOO!

  • Dr Dragon

    No team in there right mind would give KS 5-6 million a year after he gets bought out by the Rangers. This writer needs to give his head a shake. His career is on the down swing now like most players going into their 30’s. Oilers should be trying to pry Anthony Deangelo from rangers and staying as far as possible from KS

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      Yeah I loved the way everyone goes around that Orange Pylon Gio , the Avs did it routinely in the playoffs… Yup all those first round exits are the envy of every betting league…Hey hows that Value Village rebuild coming?

      • The Iggy complex

        You mean the Norris trophy winner? Was one of the best in the league for defenceman in pretty much all the offensive and defensive stats? Pretty clueless

        • The Iggy complex

          Yea because 5 games is a better sample than 82. I guess Tampa should farmsale their entire team then. I mean vasy didn’t even get a win, what a garbage goalie. Kucherov only had 2 assists. That guy is a plug. Crosby only had 1 assist in the playoffs, better buy him out.

  • Fireball

    1 mill 1 year id take a chance.. but there’s a story to be told here. He do not want to play in Edmonton ! He’s failing on the contract he signed with the team he wanted to play for ! So aside from a 1 year 1 mill show me deal.. he can suck on my Oil can. I’ll go ahead a say he is not signing a 1 year 1 mill deal in Etown so he can just start Sucking.., I think he’s already got a head start !

  • BR

    No way EDM can clear enough space. Even after a buyout he’s likely to be say 3mx2yrs? While Gagner and Russel have a lot of cap, in a trade your going to have to take a good amount back the other way can they save enough while still having room to bring in a 3C?

    Plus he’s already said no to EDM once before, there’s bound to be more competitive teams that will give him a shot in a depth position for a playoff run.

  • Ol_OneNut

    Even if the Oilers could afford him, which I doubt, I also doubt he wants to come anywhere near western Canada.
    If I remember correctly, and that’s never a slam dunk, I think he targeted the east and particularly the Rangers when he was a UFA.

  • Derkus the circus

    Simple answer. No. No and no. The last thing this team needs is more overpaid an underwhelming players. They just got rid of a boat anchor contract. Not another one please.

  • billsbills

    Rather than buy him out, the Oilers could trade Matt Benning for KS with the Rangers hanging on to $3 million per. It would save them a million each season, get them out from under the contract with a crappy buy out and give them a serviceable defenceman for one more year.

    • Viperx

      The whole point of NY wanting to get rid of him is cap issues. Why would they hold onto half is salary and take russel? They would have more in a cap hit then before

      • billsbills

        I said Benning who’s half the price of Russell and only signed for 1 more year. They save a Million a year this year and Benning is off the books the next year. If they buy him out, it costs about 1.5, 6, 1.5, 1.5

  • OilCan2

    KS has to get bought out first. The great news is that SO MANY GMs have inked their way to cap hell. Watch Ken go nuts on them next year with a bunch of cap space and open roster spots. The endless stream of trade Gags and Russell THEN do such and such make NO SENSE. Russell is a heart and soul loyal player who leads the league in tossing his carcass in front of hot rubber to make his goalie look good. Gags will be done after this year with Ken the magician flipping him for a draft pick at the deadline.

    • BobbyCanuck

      Shatty must feel sh##ty, a much sought after UFA, leaving his team to seek greener pastures, only to see his skill level take a nose dive, while the team he ran away from goes on to win the Cup.

      Now he is going to be bought out, an inglorious feat only reserved for un-tradeable players

      Come on Holland, give his agent a call and offer a PTO, lets rub some salt into his wounds

  • Rama Lama

    No we have enough good defenseman now……..give them a chance to play and show their stuff……..the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.