The NHL Should Change the NHL Entry Draft

“We fear the unknown because we can’t anticipate the outcome,” Anonymous. Human beings are very leery of change. A study actually showed that uncertainty is even more stressful than knowing something bad is definitely going to happen. So I understand why the NHL is hesitant to make the draft age one year older. However, there…


Monday Mailbag – Who won the Lucic for Neal trade?

Hello, hello! Welcome, my friends, to another edition of the mailbag where I’ve taken your questions and turned them into a little bit of free learnin’ on a Monday morning. This week, we look at the question that everyone seems to be asking about: who won the Milan Lucic for James Neal trade? If you…


Mr. Holland’s Summer

It hasn’t been a mind blowing off-season for Ken Holland but it has been an important one as he attempts to get the Edmonton Oilers on track.