Nation Real Life Episode 132: The Movie Episode

Since it’s the dog days of summer and there isn’t anything interesting happening around the Oilers, the boys decided to talk about movies on this week’s podcast. Of course, that lasted roughly one segment before they got sidetracked by tales of their old restaurant, the fact that Jalen Ramsey showed up to Jaguars training camp…


The Comfort Zone

Maybe I’m nit-picking with not much new happening during the dog days of the NHL off-season, but something Edmonton Oilers’ goaltender Mikko Koskinen said during a telephone interview from Finland this week stuck with me because what he said clashed with what I saw last season.


Ten way too early predictions

It’s the end of July, time to stop reviewing last year and looking forward to next year. IT’S PREDICTION SEASON. For your enjoyment, here are ten way too early predictions for the Oilers 2019-2020 season.


Can James Neal rebound in Edmonton?

The Oilers acquired James Neal for Milan Lucic and a conditional third-round draft pick a little over a week ago. The big coup is (mostly) getting out from Lucic’s albatross contract, but Neal has also been a solid scoring winger for a decade before falling off last season in Calgary. Did the Oilers acquire a…