Edmonton Oilers 2019/20 Points OVER/UNDER Odds Analysis

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Having the best player in the NHL on your team should make you a playoff contender every season. While the Edmonton Oilers made it to the postseason in Connor McDavid’s first full year, they have missed out each of the past two and hope to return this season despite a low OVER/UNDER point total of 85.5 at sportsbooks monitored by OddsShark.com.

The Oilers totaled only 79 points last year to finish seventh out of eight teams in the Pacific Division. They fired head coach Todd McLellan early in the season and replaced him with Ken Hitchcock, who had come out of retirement and then was later dismissed as well. Next up is former Arizona Coyotes head coach Dave Tippett, who enjoyed some success there earlier this decade with goaltender Mike Smith, who the Oilers signed as a free agent this summer.

The combination of Tippett and Smith could pay off if the latter can just stay healthy, something he was unable to do last year in Calgary and at the end of his time in Arizona. Tippett led the Coyotes to the Pacific title in 2011-12 and knows the division very well even though they missed the playoffs the last five seasons he was there.

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Scoring should not be an issue for Edmonton with McDavid and Leon Draisaitl back to anchor the team’s offense. They were the highest-scoring duo in the league with 221 combined points, as Draisaitl had a breakout year with 105 on a career-high 50 goals and 55 assists.

Meanwhile, McDavid reached the century mark for the third season in a row with a career-high 116 points on 41 goals and 75 assists. Draisaitl will likely find it difficult to repeat his numbers from last year, but the Oilers should also be more balanced offensively with the addition of veteran winger James Neal from the Flames.

Edmonton definitely has the potential to get back to the postseason as long as the team can surpass its point total of 85.5 on the NHL betting lines. With McDavid entering the prime of his career and a new coach arriving who can give him a new perspective, that seems like a good bet.

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      • The Whispererer

        Seems picky, but…

        (1) If the Oilers lose the Western Conference, how do they still get to the finals and win Stanley in 2020 ?
        (2) If the Oilers finish 2nd in the Pacific, the only way they can meet Vegas in the Western finals is if Vegas gets a wildcard spot that crosses over to the Central then win the 1st 2 rounds there.

  • ed from edmonton

    The team they have today has a huge question mark in goal and no 3C. Whether the likes of Neal, Nygaard or whoever can play true top 6 minutes is another question. On the positive side they have more bottom 6 forwards and D depth is much better and not likely to be knee capped by a couple of D injuries like last year. At best a modest improvement, but the western conference was very weak last year , so I think 85.5 might be a bit optimistic.

  • Abagofpucks

    The truth is would be described as a fact, as the oilers haven’t played a game this year the truth remains to be seen from where i sit.

    But hey i could sure use a nice cozy sweater this winter.

  • Abagofpucks

    Ed maybe you could knit sweaters that look like oilers retro jerseys and then you could put them on Ebay and make yourself some cash this winter huh huh.

  • I posted this pretty much verbatim elsewhere, but here goes again.
    Last year, the Oilers missed the last wild card spot by 11 points. Yes, some of the same teams will be in the chase, and some (Arizona) will actually be more of a threat. But I also feel like San Jose is trending down, and wonder how long Vegas can keep the magic happening. Bottom line: last year six more wins gets us into the playoffs. I gotta think we’ll win at least six more games this season. Will that be enough, with Dallas loading up, Chicago maybe better than predicted, and the other usual suspects? I still think it might.

    How do we get those six more wins? More scoring. More time in the offensive zone. More speed throughout the lineup. I like the look of this team right now. Not perfect by a long shot, but at least six wins better than last year.

    • Abagofpucks

      If the bottom 6 produce like a normal bottom 6, and the new players perform better than the guys that left (and some couldn’t get jobs in the nhl), then we might just make it kilt.

    • cityofchampions

      You have to remember that the last couple spots in the west was a turtle race last year…we “only” missed by 11 but I think the division will be improved and we are going to have to make up more like 18-20 points to make the playoffs. So its 10 more wins instead of just 6. It can be done, but a lot of things will have to go right such as getting decent goaltending, no major injuries, a couple wingers besides Drai getting 20+ goals, and a young dman (or two) proving they can play regularly in the lineup.

  • Bond 0097

    The Oilers are going to make the playoffs this year. Last year we had virtually everything but McJesus and Leo go wrong, from Mcleland to Lucic and a whole bunch of nothing in between. Those issues are now removed and we have a good coach, a good gm and a much better bottom 6 as well as talent from the farm ready to make a mark. drop the puck already we have a cup to win !!!

  • KPUZ

    “Scoring should not be an issue for Edmonton”.

    Have you as an author watched this abysmal team outside of three players? I would love to know which 4th line player that currently makes up the other 9 forwards is going to light it up?

  • JSR

    I’m worried about the goaltending more than anything. Koskinen hasn’t proven he’s a starting goalie, and I fear Smith is done at 37 years of age…I hope not, but it’s a possibility.

  • cityofchampions

    Just looked at dailyfaceoff.com line rankings. I don’t necessarily agree with how they set up the lines but it gives you an idea of how weak the Oilers depth is regarded. Link is here https://www.dailyfaceoff.com/teams/edmonton-oilers/line-combinations/
    Drai-McDavid-Kassian #4 ranked first line
    Chaisson-RNH-Neal #29 ranked second line
    Gagner-Granlund-Poolparty #28 ranked third line
    Nygard-Khaira-Archibald #24 ranked fourth line

    Klefbom-Larsson #30 ranked first D pair
    Nurse-Bouchard #20 ranked second D pair
    Russell-Benning #21 ranked third D pair
    Smith ranked #30 goalie
    Koskinen ranked #55 goalie

  • TKO

    Ok, real question for hockey talk in August:

    Based on previous relationships or current circumstances, who will Lucic beatup first on the Oilers team?
    Pure speculation for fun…
    I think it will be Neal

    • Lowe enuf

      That is an excellent question… if past performance is an indicator I would say no one. Looch will prove to be a huge disappointment to Value Village. The only team Looch scares is the Flames. If he does have a fight against an opposing team this year, I predict it will be his second of the season as he will be forced in training camp to beat the tar out of Turtlechuk in an attempt to make a man out of him.