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Jesse Puljujarvi says he’ll wait in Finland for a fresh start

The Jesse Puljujarvi saga continues. According to Jouni Nieminen, a trustworthy source based in Edmonton when it comes to Finnish hockey news, provided an update on the disgruntled young Oilers forward.

Despite the change in general manager, coach, and sight shake-up of the dressing room that went down this off-season, Puljujarvi appears uninterested in giving life with the Oilers another shot. He appears very adamant that he wants a brand new opportunity elsewhere. While playing in North America is his goal, the former fourth-overall pick said that he’ll remain in Finland until he has a new deal with a different NHL team and that he’ll find somewhere to play in the meantime.

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Ken Holland has been very steadfast in his handling of this tricky situation that he inherited. Holland has been adamant that he won’t deal Puljujarvi just for the sake of doing so and that he’ll look to make a trade that makes sense for the Oilers.

Puljujarvi, of course, is a restricted free agent right now and can sign in Europe, but the Oilers will maintain his rights. If he does play in Europe, he’ll be making substantially less money than he would be playing over here with the Oilers on a short-term, show-me deal.

While I empathize with Puljujarvi’s desire for a fresh start elsewhere, refusing to play in Edmonton is in no way helping his cause. Holland, as I said above, has made it clear he won’t rush into a trade and sitting out will only diminish Puljujarvi’s trade value, making it more difficult for the Oilers to find him a new opportunity.

Things might change as training camp approaches, but it’s starting to look like the young Finn has played his last game as an Oiler.

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      • Hockeysense9393

        You just put that into a deeper context. Neal is a “veteran” and he still ended up with an attitude that affected his play. It’s one for a rookie to act that way cuz he’s young and he doesn’t exactly know how to conduct himself yet. Neal is a hardened veteran.

        I don’t know how your point is a positive in any way possible.

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      LMAO…Value Village fans still whining away about Neal. We will see how long it takes into the season before they start whining about Looch and why Chia 2.0 took on that contract

  • RJ

    I’m too lazy to look for them, but there have been numerous articles and comments about how well JP played from an advanced stats perspective when he got the opportunity. The problem is he rarely got the opportunity.

  • Vanoil

    Good on the Kid for making a decision. Its his life and his career. The money for a Fin is a lot regardless of where he plays, as its more money than the average joe working 9-5. Europe is littered with player who have forgone the NHL development route and still have become multi-millionaires. Look at Gusev, said no to Tampa, signed in Vegas 10 years later, and now is making $4.5M a season in New Jersey. There is more than one available opportunity to play hockey for money. Even those kids who don’t make the NHL get to eek out a nice living in Europe. Its his life. The OIL can’t be sour about making the wrong pick, or failing to develop the one they made. If we we’re going to cry over spilled milk, lets start with Reinhart, that was a real loss because Barzal is killing it on Long Island. Its time to let his one go.

  • The future never comes

    How long can we let him stay for in Europe for if we do not get a descent return? With owning his rights and all just let him rot and not play for any team in the NHL.

  • DraiCup

    Travellers should not be stopped. He does not want to be in Edmonton any longer. You gotta accept that and move on. I’m sure Ken will look to trade his rights. I don’t think it’s a big loss either way. Maybe just maybe he’ll develop into a servicable player down the road but I’m sceptical. I don’t want to be pound on it too much cause some people have learning disabilities of some sorts but he needs to learn some basic english. It’s not too hard.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    What sucks about this situation is that there are a number of things here that just make you shake your head.

    #1. The fact that Puljujarvi is hurting his own trade value by saying these things and he either doesn’t know about it, or flat out doesn’t care. Not to mention, sitting out of the NHL and playing in Europe isn’t going to help his trade value either.
    #2. He thinks grandstanding like this is going to make Holland trade him faster. Keep in mind, Nylander thought he could pull the same stunt in Toronto and they were more than happy to let him sit whilst they kept winning without him.
    #3. We forget that there is an entire inner circle of knowledge in the hockey world. Insiders, coaches, general managers, players, agents. This isn’t just something the Oilers and the fans know. The entire hockey world knows about Puljujarvi’s quote. Teams aren’t going to be lining up, like Jesse thinks they are.

    Kid I like you, but this attitude is going to get you nowhere. Especially in the hockey world. Enjoy Europe and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see the error of your ways. Only way you play on another NHL team is if you come back to THIS one and up your trade value.

  • Goaltender Interference

    Screw him. Lost cause. Let him torpedo his own career if that his choice.

    Move the development resources on down to the next prospect on the team roster…

  • Oilers4477

    The problem with Jesse is that he had an opportunity to play with Connor it was never publicly said but Connor didn’t like it neither did Draisaitl or Nuge. Maybe he had some good advanced stats but he doesn’t have a high level of hockey sense. Even if he was on the third line he should of showed he was capable of dominating against easier competition. Hopefully he can tear it up in Europe and we can get a good package in a couple years. But I think he will still disappoint whatever team he is traded too

  • Wax Man Riley

    I wish Jesse all the best with his career never playing in the NHL. Nothing to be ashamed of there. Can make a good living in the SEL or KHL. Right, Linus?

  • NeverWas

    Iove how all these comments blame it on the kid and basically write him off. There was a 4th overall pick wasted on him… Look at all the other magic pulled out of that draft and look what the oilers are left with…

    Also, for everyone who says he “got an opportunity” or “he had poor hockey sense” … Wake up!!!! He’s a kid!!! And he hasn’t been developed into a NHL hockey player… He was miss managed and thrusted into the NHL in a spot he wasn’t ready for.

    The oilers have ruined another promising young prospect that will probably light it up somewhere else .