About the Blue

So, what’s the Edmonton Oilers’ blueline going to look like for this coming season? While that depends, of course, in large part on how far along the development curve several prospects have moved and how they perform after training camp opens, new associate coach Jim Playfair gave us a pretty good sneak peek today.


Puljujarvi: What Went Wrong?

In just over three years Jesse Puljujarvi went from a highly-touted fourth overall pick in the 2016 draft to signing a one year contract with Karpat in Finland. This is less than ideal for both the Edmonton Oilers and the Puljujarvi. Make no mistake: this is not normal. How did it happen?


TEN TIDBITS: Jesse Puljujarvi Edition

Another chapter was added to the story of Jesse Puljujarvi on Tuesday when the 4th overall pick in the 2016 NHL draft signed a one-year deal with Karpat in the SM-Liiga. The deal Puljujarvi signed will allow him to return to the NHL prior to December 1st if a trade is made or the player…


Oilers 2019-20 Rookie Candidates

The Oilers didn’t add a whole lot to a roster that wasn’t good enough in 2018-19. That doesn’t mean they’re destined for another bottom-of-the-standings finish, but they’ll be hoping a few prospects can establish themselves in the NHL in 2019-20.