Photo Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Giordano checked in with Connor McDavid throughout the summer

According to TSN’s Ryan Rishaug, Calgary Flames captain, Mark Giordano, reached out to Connor McDavid throughout the summer to check in and see how he was doing with his rehab, and I wanted to give him a shout out for being a classy gentleman.

With news coming out this morning that Connor McDavid will be making his pre-season debut against the Arizona Coyotes, the captain was asked about his recovery process and how he’d approach his first game with his teammates. Obviously, McDavid is excited to get back on the ice, there’s no surprise there considering he’s been chomping at the bit to play, but one interesting detail about his offseason came out was when it was revealed that Mark Giordano had been reaching out to him to make sure he’s okay.

Personally, I wanted to use this story to tip my cap to Giordano for checking in on Connor multiple times throughout the summer which shows a layer of class that casual fans may not expect from divisional rivals. I remember, at the time of the injury, when some folks around these parts thought that Giordano injured McDavid on purpose but I think this story should throw some water on the embers of that fictional story. Either way, it’s a good day that the Oilers have their captain back.

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