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Hang the L for the other teams

This past summer, our friends BlueJaysNation lost a series to the San Diego Padres. After the loss, the Blue Jays’ official account tweeted out the final score, which is nothing out of the ordinary, but the ratio of replies caught our eye and something amazing happened.

After looking at the replies, we noticed the campaign from Padres fans to have some fun with their lost season. The next morning, we sat down and had a good laugh at all the unique, and horrible quality jokes, memes and images that were being thrown at the Blue Jays tweet. Then we thought to ourselves, if there’s anything we as Edmonton Oilers fans can do, it’s a good bit against other teams that lose to the Oilers.

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What to do:

If you were following along late last night after we wrapped up the Nation Watch Party at the Canadian Brewhouse in South St. Albert, you may have noticed us in the mentions of the Canucks on their end of game tweet. If not, have a gander here:

So, we spent the summer preparing for this and we want Oilers fans to join us. After every win for the Oilers, find the tweet that has the final score/sentiment and let your memes, gifs, images from others fly with reckless abandon. We will be tweeting plenty of images and gifs for you to gladly use and reuse. Download an app on your phone, dust off your MSpaint, and let your Oilers love fly!

The Nation Bubble Roundup

If you get blocked, let us know, we will laugh together. You didn’t need to follow the Vancouver Canucks anyways.

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