Oilers in the Afternoon

Well, the Edmonton Oilers are 4-0. They’ve won their first two games at Rogers Place, and the first two games of a four-game road trip. Fans are, well, pretty stoked with how this season has started.


McDavid Madness and Will Neal Score 30 Goals?

IThe Oilers improbable climb to the top of the NHL standings has many around the NHL re-thinking their stance on the Oilers. It is only four games, but a few things have noticeably improved. Their decisions with the puck are much better. They play quicker, they are a faster team. Their defence is more mobile…


It doesn’t matter anymore

Whenever the Oilers face the New Jersey Devils, one player on the other team always comes into focus. It’s Taylor Hall, the guy once deemed saviour of the franchise who was ultimately dealt away in the infamous The Trade Is One For One? deal.