Does it work to Buy Followers on Instagram?

This route can be viable if you want to fill your ego to see your number and see reflected the minimum amount of 10,000 followers to be able to insert links in your stories but I can assure you that it will only serve you for it.

Buy Instagram video viewsor any social network will increase your failure. In regards to Instagram, your algorithm will see that your followers (bots almost always when you buy Instagram video views) have no interaction with your publications, therefore your views will lower and Instagram will penalize you.

Have a Public or Private Profile?

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If you have your profile closed and you have to authorize people to view your content you are preventing your followers from being able to see you directly. Therefore, you should bet on having a public profile if you want to open the doors to new users.

You also have to know that if you have a company profile, a basic condition to use this type of profile is to make it public.Therefore, if you decide to choose to use a private profile, with a good strategy you will make people stay with the intrigue of seeing your content and encourage them to ask you for access.

Comment, Like and Interact with more users

If there is something fundamental and that will make you upload quite quickly and every day is the interaction with Instagram users. I tell you the right way to do it:

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Surely you receive likes and comments from people you do not know and as curiosity is like this, “itches you” and you enter that profile. You check his photographs and if you like him you give him likes, you comment even you follow him. This is essential for the strategy of increasing followers on Instagram.

Spend that time observing the followers of the referents of your sector. Interact and like these accounts. You will see how your followers account will increase every day. Of course, it is essential to have an attractive content on your wall, because if you do not work your content, no matter how much you use this strategy you will not get the results you want.

A very good and effective solution is to be able to work with Instagram from your mac or pc and not from your mobile phone.

Organize Contests to Attract Followers

One of the advantages of organizing contests and raffles is the ability to increase followers very quickly and, above all, allow you to go out in trends or in the section of prominent publications.

To make a raffle on Instagram you have to have some basic premises so that there are no problems and no misunderstandings are generated. If you follow these tips you can make your raffle a success.

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Tips for Organizing Contests on Instagram:

The first thing would be to obtain legal bases for the contest. You should enter them on your website or allow them access with a link. Here you can download some legal bases that can help you. To use them, all you have to do is search for the word “company” and replace it with your website, name or company.

·         Put an expiration on your contest and calculate everything before creating it, since if you don’t do it you can get out of hand and it can be bad for your account,

·         With Easypromos you will have the option to choose the winner in a completely neutral and legal way.

·         Make it an easy contest, so they don’t have to get very complicated, the most normal thing would be to follow your account, like the post and name two followers in comments.