Inside the Nation: Kicking garbage cans, and digging for gold in tradebait

Inside the Nation with Dustin Nielson was live today as he does twice in a week. Follow along on twitter with us to always know when we are going live. Every week Dusty comes to you in the afternoon and breaks down the week that was in the Oilers life, and gives you a look ahead to things in the Oilers world and beyond.

Inside the Nation is a look at the Edmonton Oilers and Dusty’s thoughts on the team. If you want to go in spoiler-free then slid down the page and watch the video below, but if you want a brief rundown on what was talked about in the episode, then this is for you:

  • Losing back to back to the Arizona Coyotes and the San Jose Sharks
  • Dave Tippett is mad

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  • Tired or bad?
  • Mikko Koskinen issue?
  • Should we bring in Joe Thornton?
  • Is Tyler Benson going be an NHLer?
  • That defence though
  • Connor McDavid wingers
  • What do the Oilers need at the trade deadline?
  • Are the New Jersey Devils primed for a plucking?

Watch today’s episode below:

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