Inside the Nation: Ken Holland Appreciation Day

Today is a crazy day with the trade deadline for the first time in memory, the Oilers being a buyer. Every week, twice a week, Dustin comes to you live from our Facebook page, and the announcement of when he is going live comes to you from our @OilersnationHQ twitter page. Be sure to follow…


Morning Report: Oilers vs. Kings (23 February)

Hello Nation, This is the Oilers Morning Report, a stats-heavy, opinion-based review of the previous night’s game. We’ve all read the wrap-ups, watched the highlights, and digested the game. Whether it’s gazing to the heavens, begging the Hockey Gods for answers as to why the Edmonton Oilers lost, or looking for more content to bask in the glory of another Oilers victory, that’s what this is here for. Here…


The 2020 Trade Deadline Live Blog

Happy shopping day, folks! Here’s your ol’ pal Baggedmilk with the 2020 edition of the NHL Trade Deadline Live Blog! Are you excited? I’m excited. I’m excited to be here all day, bringing you all of the Oilers related news that may or may not even happen. Are you ready? Of course you are.


Monday Mailbag – Trade Deadline Edition

What have we here? A brand new trade-centred mailbag that’s hot and fresh out the kitchen on deadline day? With the NHL’s final shopping day of the season upon us, I wanted to put together something to read and help you kill off a few minutes of company time until teams start making some moves….