Oilersnation Radio Episode 77 – NHL season suspended, Anselmi presser, and a visit from the Germans

It goes without saying that this was a very strange episode of Oilersnation Radio to record after news broke earlier this week that the NHL was suspending the 2019/20 season for the foreseeable future. with that in mind, we wanted to get together to record a new episode of Oilersnation Radio to talk about what’s going on now and in the short term.

To start off this week’s episode, we had to jump in with a look at world events and what’s happening with the NHL as the league officially suspended its season on Thursday afternoon. How could we not talk about the Coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the globe and pausing life as we know it? Along these lines, we tried to come up with ideas for how the NHL might solve its season/playoff issues when they are able to resume play. Obviously, we’re all just guessing here but it was a fun conversation anyway. Changing gears, we quickly looked at Tom Anselmi’s press conference today and how the Oilers President of Business Operations had few answers when asked about what comes next. Lastly, we finished off this week’s show by having two of our German guests, Tim and Christian, talking about their experience on their trip to Edmonton and how much fun they had in spite of the league taking a hard left turn midway through. As always, it was another packed episode of the podcast and we’re thrilled you’re here to listen to it.

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Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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