Lightning/Oilers Sim — Live Stream: 7pm MST

For the third time in as many “gamedays” we want to give all Oilers fans (and really, hockey fans) something to sit back, and relax for a few hours to. Tonight at 7PM MT, the Nation would once again like to cordially invite you to come to this hub of Oilers fans and watch us…


Random Stats and the Worst Award Votes in NHL History

Good afternoon Nation readers. Do you have plans tonight? Most of you were planning to watch the Oilers/Lightning game tonight I’m sure, so we’ve come up with a different option to fill your time. But before we get to that, let’s look at some random NHL stats and some of the biggest head-scratching player awards.


The Oilers have a rumoured fourth jersey on the way for 2020-21

It appears the Oilers will be adding another jersey to their catalogue next season, as Icethetics’ recent Jersey Watch reports. It looks as though the team will be digging up something from the past again, though it won’t be the royal blue style many have been asking for. It’ll be more orange.