Ducks/Oilers Sim — Live Stream: 7pm MST

We are having so much fun doing this, we figured we’d just keep the train rolling. 1404 of you tuned in on Friday and we had over 100 comments in here and so we are going to keep doing this until… well, life is back to some sense of normalcy. We invite you to once again join us tonight, tell your friends, tell your family and embrace the crazy that is watching a simulation at a safe social distance with friends you haven’t even met yet.

Shortly before game time, the video will play here:

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We don’t really know what we’re doing here other than just trying to be a beacon of fun and laughs for Edmonton Oilers fans everywhere. If you have ideas/comments/thoughts on the game or something you want to see on the site, feel free to comment below and let us know. We had 2068 unique viewers for Wednesday’s stream of a game, and we hope you enjoy this break with us tonight too.

We changed things up a little bit and asked you, the viewers to choose the lines you would like to see the most. WE want to make sure you guys and gals have as much with this as you can. After all, this is all about fun.

Here is what you chose –

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The Forwards:

Thanks to user i/_ethan.co

Ennis – McDavid – Kassian
RNH – NeonLeon – Yam
AA – Sheahan – Archie
Neal – Khaira – Chiasson

The Defence:

Thanks to user t/Sid_Hockeyfan

Klef – Larsson
Nurse – Bear
Jones – Benning

The Netminder:

Thanks to voting on Instagram

Mikko Koskinen

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If you would like to have your say, make sure you tune into all our social platforms (twitter, facebook and instagram) always, but especially on Wednesday again for another vote to pick the lineups.

Score predictions anyone?