Connor McDavid works on his hands with some help from his dog

Yesterday was #NationalPuppyDay on the ol’ Internet, and that inspired Connor McDavid to post an adorable video of himself playing a little bit of hockey with his special good boy, Lenny. As you’ll see, Lenny is passionate about his defence and even Connor McDavid’s superpowers aren’t enough to get past him.

If you’re wondering how much I miss hockey right now, there’s no better indication than happily writing a couple of hundred words about Connor McDavid playing around with his dog. Now, don’t get me wrong, Lenny is the ambassador of cuteness and watching him play around with Connor was a nice little mood lift in an otherwise strange and dark time, but I’d much rather be watching his big man do his thing on the ice instead of at his house, ya know? Then again, I am always here for some good old fashioned dog content.

Either way, I’m just happy to see that Connor is healthy, staying inside, and doing what he can to keep his hands moving and his time filled. Not to mention, seeing Lenny chase the ball around was a nice break from the barrage of bad news we’re generally bombarded with these days so I hope that watching it gave you an emotional bump too. Lenny is a good boy, Connor McDavid is a phenom, and together that makes for a nice little piece of social content. Have a good day, everybody.

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