Part Two: The 1997 Oilers/Stars Series with Ken Hitchcock

We continue our series on the 1997 playoff series with Dallas Stars head coach Ken Hitchcock. This was Hitchcock’s first full season as head coach of the Stars. He coached 43 games the previous season after replacing Bob Gainey. Dallas finished second in the NHL in 1997 with 104 points. They were a veteran team…


Paul Coffey joins the #PlankTheCurve challenge

As I’m sure many of you have seen, celebrities and athletes from all different walks of life taking part in the #PlankTheCurve challenge on social media to remind their followers to stay indoors as much as possible in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, and this morning, Edmonton Oilers legend, Paul Coffey, posted his…


Now is the time for the NHL to change the draft age

Recent reports are suggesting that the NHL is considering playing into August as a way to hand out the Stanley Cup this season. That would likely mean a shortened offseason that would last from September and October, and it would push the NHL Draft back a few months from it’s originally scheduled date.