Connor McDavid issues squat challenge with some help from Lenny

Wanna get thiccc like Connor McDavid? Of course you do. Even with the Coronavirus pressing pause on basically every aspect of life, McDavid is still doing what he can to get a workout in, and this time he, once again, looped in a very special good boy to help him get it done.

So what does it look like to get challenged by Connor McDavid to a bodyweight squat challenge? I’ll let the man speak for himself.

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“Lenny and I are going to do some bodyweight squats. Let’s see how many you can do in 30 seconds. That was 15 in I’m not sure how much time, but we’re just screwing around a bit. Again, 30 seconds let’s see how many you can do.”

Since I have a dog — his name is Frank in case you didn’t know — I decided to give this challenge a go and while my man is only 30 pounds, I wasn’t able to get past 16 squats in 30 seconds. Personally, I think if I work at it, I’ll be able to beat my own record and compete with the Captain, but that’s going to take some effort because your boy Baggedmilk is waaaaaaaayyyyyy out of shape right now. Either way,  thought this was a fun challenge for Connor to issue through his social media and one that I wanted to share.

Let me know how many squats you can do and whether you can beat my herculean total.