WWYDW(ME): Which Oilers jersey would you add back into rotation?

Just over a week ago, Cam wrote about the Oilers potentially bringing back one of their old jerseys as a fourth uni for the 2020-21 season, and the idea had the comments section here on the website and on our Facebook page blowing up with ideas. So, in this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday (Monday Edition), I want to know which old jersey design you’d bring back if the decision was up to you?

From the original post on March 20th:

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It appears the Oilers will be adding another jersey to their catalogue next season, as Icethetics’ recent Jersey Watch reports. It looks as though the team will be digging up something from the past again, though it won’t be the royal blue style many have been asking for. It’ll be more orange.

Apparently, Edmonton could be throwing things back all the way to their WHA days with a white jersey that features orange shoulders and an orange-based logo.

Personally, I kinda dig the idea featured in the image above since it would add a new flavour to the road kit that we haven’t seen in decades. I don’t know about you guys, but I wasn’t even alive for the WHA days and I’d be down for a jersey remix that sees the logo getting a little bit of a refresh with some more orange, kinda like what they’ve done with the thirds this season. However, if the choice was mine, my actual preference would be to bring back the Todd McFarlane jersey that originally launched back in 2001 during the EIG days. I mean, just look how handsome Connor is in the feature image while dawning the only jersey the Oilers have ever launched that strays away from the classic logo. Some people hated it, but I was in the group that loved it.

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That all said, the point of this feature is to find out what all of you think, not what I think.

In the spirit of sportless boredom and hypothetical scenarios, I want to know which jersey from throughout Oilers history that you’d bring back in a feature spot if the choice was yours? Let’s say for the sake of this exercise that whichever uniform that you choose would be worn 10 games times year, or a quarter of their home games. Maybe you’d bring back the pyjama from 2008? Maybe you’re a Copper and Blue fan from the late 90s and early 2000s? Maybe you like things exactly as they are? The answer to these questions is what we’re here to find out in this week’s WWYDW(ME), and since jersey preference is such a subjective thing, I’m really looking forward to your answers.

If you need a refresher on some of the looks the Oilers have rocked in the past, Nation Dan put together a list a couple of years ago, featuring every combination the team has worn since 1979. With that trip down memory lane now available to inspire your decision, I want to know which jersey you’re bringing back and why? Which era of Oilers fashion was the best and why do we need to relive the looks from that era? What say you, Nation?

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