Playoff Live Stream Sim: Game 1 – Canucks vs Oilers 7pm MT

Yesterday, I asked people who plan on tuning into our silly streams that we have been doing since “almost” the start of the pandemic what they would like to see us do in handling the playoffs. The responses were overwhelming for a couple of the options and so here we are. Game 1 of the first round starts tonight at 7pm MT.

About 15 minutes prior to game time, the stream will be live here:

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How we got here:

As mentioned before, I put it out to you the Nation as to what you wanted to see. You said you wanted to see a sim done based off points percentage from when the pause occurred. So, here is what that looks like for you:

The Standings based on Pts% thanks to the dailyhive


Pacific Division

1. Vegas (0.606)
2. Edmonton (0.585)
3. Vancouver (0.565)

Central Division

1. St Louis (0.662)
2. Colorado (0.657)
3. Dallas (0.594)

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Wild Card

1. Nashville (0.565)
2. Calgary (0.564)

Winnipeg (0.563)
Minnesota (0.558)
Arizona (0.529)
Chicago (0.514)
Anaheim (0.472)
Los Angeles (0.457)
San Jose (0.450)


Atlantic Division

1. Boston (0.714)
2. Tampa Bay (0.657)
3. Toronto (0.579)

Metropolitan Division

1. Washington (0.652)
2. Philadelphia (0.645)
3. Pittsburgh (0.623)

Wild Card

1. Carolina (0.596)
2. NY Islanders (0.588)

Columbus (0.579)
Florida (0.565)
NY Rangers (0.564)
Montreal (0.500)
New Jersey (0.493)
Buffalo (0.493)
Ottawa (0.437)
Detroit (0.275)

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Sorry to Jetsnation.com for the sad news they just missed the playoffs and Jackmaxwell1231424 on twitter for his Senators JUST missing out too…

The Jerseys:

You asked and so we are going to leave our nightly jersey match up, to you fans on our social media and so stay tuned to that.

The Lineups:

You gave me the honour (and the curse haha) of setting the lineups for the boys on a nightly basis, and so I will. Tonight’s lineups:

The Forwards:

AA – McDavid – Kassian
RNH – NeonLeon – Yam
Ennis – Sheahan – Archie
Neal – Haas – Chiasson

The Defence:

Klef – Larsson
Nurse – Bear
Jones – Benning

The Netminder:

Mikko Koskinen

Around the rest of the playoffs –

I will be running these “updates” pretty regularly for the remainder of the playoffs sims. So, tune in every day at 5pm MT to see the updated stats for the games for continuity.

Game 1 Nashville/St. Louis final score: 3-2 Nashville (Series 1-0 NSH)

The Predators step onto enemy ice and put up three big goals in the first period. The Blues tried to battle back in the third but it’s too little, too late.

1st –

NSH – 2:20 Johansen (Forsberg)
NSH – 5:18 Johansen (Josi)
NSH – 18:16 Grimaldi (Josi, Smith)

2nd –

No Scoring


STL – 3:01 MacEachern (Blais, Barbashev)
STL – 3:59 Sanford (Perron, Thomas)

Three Fists-

3. NSH R. Josi (2A)
2. NSH P. Rinne (31 saves, .939 SV%)
1. NSH R. Johansen (2A)