Playoff Live Stream Sim: Game 3 – Canucks vs Oilers 7pm MT

The Oilers simmed a big 3-1 win yesterday and we are right back into the thick of the action tonight as Game Three between the Oilers and Canucks is live at 7PM MT. We are doing these sims to entertain you in the most trying of times and honestly, as a way to still connect with Oilers fans. If you have any suggestions to make this more fun for yourself, let us know in the comments below.

We hope you’ll think about sticking around to watch with us.

About 15 minutes prior to game time, the stream will be live here:

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Colby Cave:

I am sure you have heard the news about Colby Cave, and if you haven’t, well here it is:

Colby Cave’s family provides an update

Suggested by a viewer last night was to give him a little nod to know we are thinking of him. So, tonight Cave is on the fourth line as the C man (out is Khaira) and they will start the game for the Oil.

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The Jerseys:

You asked and so we are going to leave our nightly jersey match up, to you fans on our social media and so stay tuned to that.

The Lineups:

You gave me the honour (and the curse haha) of setting the lineups for the boys on a nightly basis, and so I will. Tonight’s lineups:

The Forwards:

Ennis – McDavid – Kassian
RNH – NeonLeon – Yam
AA – Sheahan – Archie
Neal – Cave – Chiasson

The Defence:

Klef – Larsson
Nurse – Bear
Jones – Benning

The Netminder:

Mikko Koskinen

Around the rest of the playoffs –

I will be running these “updates” pretty regularly for the remainder of the playoffs sims. So, tune in every day at 5pm MT to see the updated stats for the games for continuity.
Previous updates:
Now, does anyone have any score predictions?