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Real Life Podcast Episode 174 – Save the Riverboat, NHL eyes Edmonton, and Keepin’ it 100

Another Thursday in quarantine means a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast is here to try and keep you entertained for an hour while we all try to forget about the world for a little bit. This week, the guys looked at the Edmonton riverboat sinking, Rogers Place being rumoured as a possible location for the NHL to resume play, and a whole lot more.

To start off today’s podcast, the guys started in with a look at some of the words they’re unable to pronounce, including the name of famed director Quentin Tarantino. Why did they start the podcast this way? Absolutely no reason at all, that’s why. Getting away from that nonsense, the topic turned to the fate of the Edmonton riverboat after it was damaged as a result of rising water levels and the rush of ice that slammed it into the river bank. So what happens with the boat now? The damage is extensive but one thing is for sure, the boys hope that ownership will be able to fix the riverboat and keep it a part of Edmonton’s landscape. Changing gears entirely, Chalmers talked about the Boys on the Bus documentary and how a podcast listener actually lent him the DVD so that he could watch it with his boys. Sticking with hockey, the boys talked about the rumours of Edmonton being a host city for the Pacific Division provided that the NHL is able to safely resume play. Finally, the boys finished up today’s podcast with another rousing edition of Keepin’ it 100 where they discuss the things that drove them crazy over the past week.

Listen to today’s podcast below:

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