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Real Life Podcast Episode 179 – Recommended NHL changes, the UFC, and beer league hockey

Another Monday is upon us and that means it’s time for a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast to keep everyone entertained and try to make sense of this crazy little thing called life. As always, the boys spend the hour discussing what’s been happening in self-isolation, the world of sports, and whatever else is going on.

To kick off today’s episode, the boys jumped in with a look at Instagram bots following and commenting on everyone’s posts these days, which naturally turned into a deep dive on Chris Pronger’s travel company and whether or not this is simply a vanity project for the former NHLer. From there, the boys turned their attention to some of the changes that were recommended from an infectious disease expert on how the NHL can safely resume play. Needless to say, if the league actually instituted some of these policies, the game we love would look nothing like what we last watched back in March. Sticking with sports, the UFC held a fanless event this past weekend and that spawned a conversation about whether or not any of the major leagues will be able to follow suit. Somehow, this discussion reminded Chalmers of a time when he was eight years old and played blackjack with Mark Messier at his childhood home. How did this happen? None of the details really made any sense, but what we did learn is that his mom had all kinds of clout back in the day. Finally, the boys wrapped up the Monday episode of the podcast as they always do by answering some listener questions and offering up some free learning opportunities for the 12 people that regularly listen to this show.

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