The PuckPedia Agent Poll

Over at PuckPedia, they conducted a three-part survey with a sampling of NHL player agents to discuss an array of topics, including draft eligibility, entry-level contracts, arbitration, and which general managers are the most player-friendly in terms of landing a good deal for clients. Needless to say, the responses have provided an interesting look behind the scenes and we wanted to share the results.

For many hockey fans, we are never offered a look behind the scenes at how deals come together and the folks at PuckPedia wanted to change that a little bit. They wanted to offer the every-day fan a glimpse behind the curtain at the business side of hockey and used their Rolodex to poll active NHL player agents to get some info on everything from the CBA to business to draft eligibility.

From PuckPedia:

For years, fans could receive insight into the hockey world through reading various polls and surveys of players, coaches, management and media. However, it is rare to see the perspective of another key group whose thoughts and ideas have historically been less available – the Agents.

The NHL Agents have a direct impact on the distribution of hockey revenue, as their negotiations divvy up the player money pie. From this lens, Agents offer a unique perspective on the CBA rules, teams, players, and the business of hockey. The agents are responsible for negotiating the player contracts within the context of the CBA rules, so, naturally, they have ideas on how to improve those rules. As Bill Parcells famously said, “if they want you to cook the dinner, at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries”. In addition, just as players generally offer the most interesting viewpoint on coaches, agents are uniquely positioned to offer opinions on GMs.

This morning, PuckPedia released the third and final part of the survey and we believe it’s definitely worth the time to read and learn about some of the inner workings of the National Hockey League.

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Part 1: The CBA
Part 2: General Managers and Player questions
Part 3: Agent Business, Stanley Cup predictions, and more