NHL Draft in June is a Terrible Idea

There is no sane reason for the NHL to host their entry draft in June, yet right now the NHL is pushing to do exactly that. And to add to the lunacy, they are pushing to move the draft ahead three weeks to June 5th. This truly defies logic.


Monday Mailbag – Who should back up Mikko Koskinen next season?

Welcome, friendly Nation citizens, to another edition of the free college replacement known as the Monday Mailbag! Obviously, it’s an unbelievably strange time to be alive right now but we still wanted to put together your questions and try to come up with whatever answers we can As always, this feature depends on you so…


Playoff Live Stream Sim: Round 3 Game 3 – Stars vs Oilers 7pm MT

I am comfortable declaring our Game Two strange start time of 2:30pm MT a success. Tonight at 7pm MT we return to the friendly confines of the night time start but the not so friendly confines of the Dallas “Not Reunion Arena” area. The Oilers find themselves in a tough spot (if not one we…


The Oilers have submitted a proposal to be an NHL hub city

According to TSN’s Ryan Rishaug, the Edmonton Oilers have officially submitted a proposal to the NHL to become a hub city for the league provided that they are able to safely resume play with more details expected to come as early as this week. Undoubtedly, there are still plenty of obstacles to clear before this…


The NHL proposes holding the Draft in early June

On Friday night, the NHL circulated a memo to its 31 teams explaining their pitch for holding the NHL Entry Draft in early June, before reaching any conclusion on the 2019-20 season. As you’d expect, there are a lot of questions and a lot to get to.


Relieve Stress by Helping the Food Bank

Happy Positive Friday. We hope you are doing well and it was great to see some positive announcements yesterday from Premier Jason Kenney about slowly re-opening up things in Edmonton and surrounding area. We know we have to remain diligent with our social distancing and washing our hands, but it was nice to see some…


WWYDW(FE): What’s your plan for Andreas Athanasiou?

Another sportless week is behind us and all that’s left to do while we wait for life to start up again is to plan for what’s to come. In this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday (Friday Edition), I want to ask everybody what they’d like to see happen with the newly acquired Andreas Athanasiou?…