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Real Life Podcast Episode 187 – Sports are back… kinda

Welcome, fair citizens, to the Thursday episode of the Real Life Podcast. For the uninitiated, it’s the show where the boys start out with an agenda and get around to talking about absolutely none of it. Enjoy.

To kick off today’s podcast, the guys jumped in with a look at the PGA coming back to the TV schedule today and what it was like to be able to watch sports again. For Tyler, the return of golf means an opportunity to bet on sports again. For Baggedmilk and Jay, having golf on TV means a fantastic chance to watch some weekend sports on the couch. Sticking with couch watching sports, the guys got into a conversation about what is the best sport or TV show to nap to. Needless to say, these three nap aficionados had plenty of ideas for the perfect program to doze off to. Changing gears, the NHL announced that Phase 3 of their return to play plan will be set to launch on July 10th, the guys started talking about what life will be life for a fanless playoff season. Would it make sense to pump in crowd noise despite no one being in the building? Should they play music like some of the other sports leagues? Should they leave things as they are and just embrace the weirdness of not having fans in attendance? Regardless of what happens, the guys had a hard time containing their excitement about the possibility of watching some summertime hockey. Lastly, we wrapped up today’s podcast with a discussion about whether or not it would be a good idea for the NHL to permanently adjust its schedule for a later start or if they should do what they can to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

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Listen to today’s podcast below:

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