Real Life Podcast Episode 188 – Jordan Buhat, Edmonton’s Efron

Welcome, fair citizens, to the Monday episode of the Real Life Podcast. Today, the boys were happy to welcome Grown-ish star, Jordan Buhat, to the podcast to talk about the Oilers, acting, his come up, and whatever else was going on.

To kick off today’s podcast, the guys jumped into today’s show with a look at the return of golf over the weekend and how much it meant to be able to watch live sports again. For Tyler, the return of golf also meant that it was another chance for him to place some bets and subsequently get roasted on Twitter for his losses. Changing gears entirely, the boys were thrilled to welcome Jordan Buhat to the podcast to talk about his acting career, his love for the Oilers, and what’s been happening since the world turned upside down. To start off the interview, the boys jumped in with a look at Jordan’s backstory and how he got into acting, including his time at the U of A where his original plan was to be a gym teacher. After making the decision that being a teacher was not for him, Jordan’s pivot into acting and resulting rise to TV was an incredible story. From there, the guys talked about the city of Edmonton and what it still means to Jordan even though he’s moved away for work. Turning the conversation to the Oilers, the guys spoke about what it’s like to be an Oilers fan behind enemy lines and how much the team still means to him. Lastly, we wrapped up the interview with some of Jordan’s favourite Oilers moment, stories, and what he expects from the playoffs when they kick off later in the summer.

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Listen to today’s podcast below:

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