Real Life Podcast Episode 189 – “You’ve got to have a criminal mind”

Welcome, fair citizens, to yet another Thursday episode of the Real Life Podcast. This week, the guys talk about their favourite crime stories, the Connor McDavid rookie card auction, and a whole lot more.

To kick off today’s podcast, the boys jumped in with a look at crime and vandalism. Last night, Baggedmilk’s vehicle had a window broken on it which is certainly annoying, but that led into a classic Chalmers story about a time when his truck was stolen and he hit the streets to find the culprit. Without giving away any details, this story had the boys laughing out loud from start to finish and we guarantee that you’re going to want to hear the tale. Who knew there was such a passionate crime fighter on the podcast? From there, the rest of the boys told stories about their own attempts at vigilante justice and the resulting rush that came as a result. Getting back to sports, the boys looked at the Connor McDavid rookie card that is currently up for auction with a mindblowing current bid of $93,534 USD. Obviously, none of the guys has $100K to participate in the auction, but it did bring up an interesting conversation about the most valuable pieces of memorabilia that everyone owns.

Listen to today’s podcast below:

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